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O.K. In what world is it legal to entice shoppers into taking an unnecessary medication by giving them a discount for the entire store????

It is bad enough that our CDC continues to promote the flu vaccine to millions of uninformed Americans, but seriously, making it economically effective to actually buy into the jargon seems to be a moral dilemma.

I haven’t had a chance to blog for a while, but when I was walking into my local CVS, I couldn’t help but to be floored by this preposterous advertisement.

Let us start by discussing the facts.

According to this site, WebMD, link is here:

Approximately 5-20% of Americans contract the flu. That is a wide range, but due to a vast amount of flu victims having a minimal infection, they do not seek care, so these cases are not CDC recordable. The thing you want to take from this is that less than 20%, as a whole in America, actually get the flu, on any level of severity.

I need to warn you, these numbers are going to get intense, and I am writing this in a bit of fury, considering my unbelievable amazement that this type of thing is even remotely legal.

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Let’s begin.

In the 2014-15 flu season, it was estimated that 46.2% of Americans received a flu vaccine. I am not sure how the CDC or big pharma managed to sell that many people on getting a virus injected into their body, based on the fact that the 2014 vaccine reported less than a 20% efficacy. That means less than 20% of the 150 million people that received a flu vaccine had any benefit. But, this is where it gets even more interesting.

As I stated before in a blog about vaccination of children, the CDC, or Center for Disease Control and Prevention, actually make a profit off of every single vaccine administered. Ironically, they are also the only firm that is allowed to stand behind published data on the efficiency, and viability of the vaccines that are mandated in our country. Now, they also are standing behind a store actually persuading you to get a vaccine through economical means.

Now, remember, the CDC reports nearly 20% effectiveness by the flu vaccine, and I already think that is a preposterously low number, but after I did a little research, I think even that number is a dramatic overshot.

Let me present you with the smoke and mirrors.

Each year, the CDC releases a Mrobidity and Mortality Weekly report, MMWR, and they analyzed 2,321 children and adults who reported an acute respiratory illness.  You can view that Here

Of the 2,321 persons in this study, 950, or 41% had contracted the flu virus, and 96% of those persons had specifically contracted Influenza A, a strand of the H3N2 virus. This number is important, because as everyone says, “flu vaccines can not work because they are based on last years strands of virus,” well you are wrong in this case. The primary focus of the 2014-15 vaccine was the H3N2 strand, but due to the realization that 96% of the flu victims had influenza A, it was reported, by the CDC, that, unfortunately, 70% of this years H3N2 viruses were of a ‘Drift Variant.’ Well, I don’t really know how to make any sense of that either. I guess, even though the vaccine is designed to treat H3N2, it might be unsuccessful?

Let’s move on, because, this is where it gets interesting.

Of the 950 persons who contracted a flu virus in 2014, 49% of them had been administered a flu vaccine. Yes, almost exactly 1/2 of those who got the flu actually went and got stuck with a needle and were given this vaccine. I have no idea how the CDC is proud of that, but they boast that 56% of those that did not contract the virus in this study, also had the vaccine administered.


The CDC claims that the flu vaccine can reduce your risk of flu by 23% because 56% of those that did not get the flu had the vaccine, and that 7% greater than the 49% of those that actually got the flu.

How in the world can they possibly see any benefit. From what I see is, if I get the vaccine, I have a 49% chance of getting the flu. I am not sure that 50:50 chance is good enough for my liking. Especially since the vaccine comes in the form of a needle stabbed into my body.

Seriously, only 5-20% of Americans get the flu. The only factor to truly prevent your chances of getting it is to boost your own immune system. Take vitamin C, (no I do not mean ascorbic acid) drink plenty of fluids, and make sure you are eating the right balanced nutrition. The truth is, the people at greatest risk for contracting the flu are those with a weak immune system, and the elderly. But, wouldn’t you know it, the CDC also noted that the efficacy of the flu shot varies with age, and those over 50, it is less than 12% effective, and those with a suppressed immune system are contraindicated to even get the vaccine.

I guess it is not hard to see why CVS is trying to bribe you into getting a flu shot. It seems like a good way to improve sales on over the counter flu medication. Simply look up the side effects of the flu vaccine itself, you can do there here

Muscle pain, fever, headaches, runny nose, sore throat, and even Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Wow, those side effects sound a lot like…. The Flu.. Count me out, and keep your 20% blood money CVS..


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