Family Day at Complete Family Healthcare

This Saturday from 9-12 is FAMILY DAY at Complete Family Healthcare where I, Dr. JJ, will be seeing patients including many families.  Family Day started out as a one time event idea that has really taken off to become a 1x/mo event at our office.  I do not know of any other clinics in the area that set up their fee structure like this so that people are able to bring in their entire families for a capped fee of $75 during this one Saturday each month.  It definitely pushes my limits as to the amount of people I can see in a 3 hour shift and with the discounted fees some people choose to wait until Saturday vs. during the week to save money to come to family day, but when it is all done I really feel like I am helping people for the right reasons.  With family day, all insurance benefits and rules are thrown out the window and its about helping people and creating value for them and their families that they notice for a month at a time.  Call 770-772-3500 or email us through the website for more information


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