Patient Specific Care?! Not an Assembly Line…

Have you ever went to the doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor, and every time you go, they do the exact same thing?

The “business” of chiropractic care is notorious for making these assembly line like offices. You go in one room and get electric shocked, you move to the next to get heat or a roller table, maybe you will find one more fluffer room before you reach the GRAND FINALE, the chiropractic adjustment. 

You spend 30 or 40 minutes waiting your turn before you get into the sync to go from room to room for another 30 minutes before you even get to see the doctor. 

And when you finally get the chiropractor in the room, you get racked and cracked and sent on your way. Every time you go, no matter what your symptoms are, where it hurts or how you hurt it, you get the same treatment, same therapy, same adjustment, and shoved back outside. Well, not until they get you signed up on a 60 visit treatment plan that courses the next year. They always provide that promise of “Wellness” too. 

Make no mistake here, I am a huge fan of the efficiency developed from Henry Ford’s great assembly line production model, but health care is no place for this. Every single car needs a driver seat, gas tank, and engine to be put in place  the exact same way, but the human body is not a Model T car. 

As humans, we all have different daily activities, different jobs, different heights, builds, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Every outside force we come into contact with affects us differently. 

As far as something as simple as neck pain goes. There can be multiple causes of neck pain that all warrant a different treatment type. 

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It is a simple concept. If you have a strained muscle in the neck, you do not need adjusted. If you have a disc injury in the neck, you do not need adjusted. If you have a spinal fixation, you DO need adjusted. 

If you have a muscle injury, you could need kenesiotape or Graston Therapy. IF you have a disc injury, then McKenzie Protocol will help. If you have a spinal fixation, Graston won’t do much good, but kenesiotape could assist in stabilizing the spinal levels. 

If you have a muscle injury, electric stimulation will not help. If you have a disc injury, electric stimulation will not help. If you have a spinal fixation, electric stimulation will not  help. OK, long story short, I get that the shocky thing feels great, but there is no clinical evidence that it gives any long lasting effects. It is like beer, feels good, but really doesn’t help anything. (Sorry for the soapbox :))

What I am trying to say is, every patient presents with a unique condition. Trying to utilize the same treatments, same therapies, and same adjustments with each condition is absurd. It is a business style that is designed to generate income instead of patient specific care.

I encourage you to seek out the chiropractors who present Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care. They take time to listen to you, they do a strong physical examination, and they give you a specific treatment plan for your condition. 


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