Phase 1 | The 10-Day Cleanse

When The New-Start Solution started to take shape back in 2014, it was designed around a weight loss strategy. That is what most people wanted so I set out to learn how weight loss happened, and why weight gain is at the epidemic level that is. Every bit of research led me back to one organ, The Liver. It soon dawned on me, weight loss, improved health, and increased energy levels are all in the same basket.

Every single adult in America should know the basics about the liver. Alcohol is bad for the liver. The liver is in the abdomen. The gallbladder is attached to the liver. Well, that is about it for basic knowledge. BUT, the liver is so much more. Let’s dive a little deeper.

In the shortest terms i can come up with, “The Liver is in the Center of IT ALL!”

Every food we eat, every drink we drink, every cigarette we smoke, every medication we inject, every pill we take, EVERY thing we put in our body has to be processed by the liver. Through a system of blood supply, the liver is the main filter for all of the crap we expose our bodies to. If you eat a Snickers, the liver has to deal with it. If you drink a Coke, the liver has to deal with it. As you can imagine, during the last 20 years and the spike in processed pseudo-foods that we eat on a wildly regular basis, the liver has became overworked. 

This is the key to weight gain. We eat crap. We expose our liver to things like artificial sweetener, pop tarts, high fructose corn syrup, alcohol, and deep fried potatoes ALL THE TIME. Every single day. And that might be alright if the only job the liver had to do was filter out the bad stuff. Sorry, this is not a perfect world, because everything we eat plays a roll in our metabolic rate, and guess who is there to sort out our metabolic rate. The good ole liver. But how?

This is where it gets tricky. The liver has blood supply from both the heart and the digestive system. Actually 75% of the blood supply to the liver is actually the blood that drains from the digestive system called the Portal Vein. Ok, so every food we eat that gets digested, meaning, not regurgitated, goes into the stomach, small intestine and then large intestine. Every vitamin, mineral, nutrient, and calorie that is taken into the body from our digestive system pours into the portal vein and is taken to the liver for processing. So, instead of just filtering the toxins, the liver also has to set the standard for your metabolism. 

Oh, it gets even better. 

See, the liver is also responsible for controlling the amount of thyroid hormone that flows in the usable form. Common knowledge is that the thyroid sets our body temperature thus controlling our metabolism. We all know someone that has hypothyroidism, right? Let me guess, they are overweight? It is true, the thyroid hormones do control our body temperature, BUT the liver is what makes the thyroid hormone active.

Ohhhhh, more to come.

So, that Portal Vein we just discussed that brings all of the nutrients from our digestive system to the liver, well it has one other organ that dumps into it. THE PANCREAS. Yes, the pancreas is the hormone associated with diabetes. Insulin is released from the pancreas into the portal vein and take directly to the infamous liver. The liver has to monitor your incoming diet, inform the pancreas and brain of the sugar coming in, also monitor your already flowing blood and direct how much insulin needs to be released into the blood to stabilize the incoming sugar. 

I do not like to play favorites, and every organ in the human body has a reason to be there and a job to perform. BUT, the liver is the center of it all. The master processing plant. The coordinator. The liver is so important that it is actually the ONLY ORGAN IN THE HUMAN BODY THAT CAN REGENERATE ITSELF!! Yes that is how important it is. You can surgically remove 75% of your liver and it will grow back. Try that with a finger or spleen. You will have 25% of your finger, FOREVER. 

When I really dug deep into my research of how the body works, why weight loss happens, and how to make it happen, it came back to one thing has to happen first. YOU HAVE TO CLEANSE THE LIVER. The liver is exhausted in the vast majority of Americans, and it is not surprising that the overweight level is hitting 60%. 

The good news is. The liver is remarkable. It can heal itself. You just have to give it the material to do the work. Cut the crap food. Drink your water. Flood your system with antioxidants. The first 10-Days of The New-Start Solution has ALWAYS included this remarkable 10-Day Cleanse, and that wont be changing as long as our body continues to work like it does.  Click here to get yourself on the right track. You can start this week. It is only 10 days.


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