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Statistics have shown that nearly 40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions and only about 8% of those actually meet their goals…

More recent studies show that about 80% of those failures, come by the second week of February….

Lets make 2018 different…

Most resolutioners focus on health goals for the new year; weight loss, hitting the gym, eating better, etc. These goals are the hardest to follow along with because they have so much implication to lifestyle changes.
It is pretty easy to think that you are going to eat better, but when you go to the restaurant with ​you colleagues for lunch, it is easy to go back to what you are comfortable with. Getting a gym membership is the easy part… Making time to go is the catch, and I can assure you, paying for a membership is not as effective as using it. 

New-Start Health Center provides an effective lifestyle change/diet plan/weight loss/wellness program called The New-Start Solution

 Unfortunately, like most resolutions, The New-Start Solution has its limitations to be successful. This program is a real life change that must be followed to get the full potential. Even though the entire program is spelled out in a workbook, success rates still fall after the first 30 days. 

After considerable amounts of consideration of the woes of the system, it finally dawned on me that this program is bigger than just changing your diet and taking some vitamins. It is easy to tell yourself that you want this change, or even NEED this change to support your health, but the biggest hurdle that every resolutioner has is, themselves.

Mental preparation is the single most important form of prep work that you have to do on a ritualistic approach. If your head is not ready, your body has no chance. Starting in 2018, The New-Start Solution will incorporate the final piece of the wellness puzzle that it has always missed. AnnaStacia Nuffer is coming on board to bring the full spectrum of health. 

The New-Start Solution covers the biochemistry responsible for health and wellness. AnnaStacia covers the mind, body, and spiritual connection that allows patients, resolutioners, and everyone in between to make goals and stick to them. 

You can follow up with her blog here, to see how she will keep your resolutions on track.


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