Simple Home Upgrades That Can Help Seniors Age in Place


For seniors, being able to age in place plays a critical role in staying comfortable, safe, and secure. Aging in place simply means being able to stay in your own home as you get older. It’s a simple idea that can keep you happy later in life. If you are looking for ways to comfortably age in place in your home, you should carefully consider making these important upgrades.


Be Careful in Bathrooms 


When it comes to preventing injuries at home, the one area seniors need to focus on most is the bathroom. Thousands of injuries happen in the bathroom every year. Slippery floors and elevated edges on tubs can make everyday bathing extremely risky for aging adults. If you have mobility issues, the risk can be even worse. Luckily, there are some simple fall prevention ideas that can help you improve the safety of your bathroom. These fall prevention projects could even save your life. Small adjustments, such as adding grab bars in the tub or a shower seat, can give you more stability when surfaces are slippery. Have a big tub that’s difficult to get into? Consider replacing it with a walk-in/zero-entry shower. Preventing bathroom slips is the simplest way for seniors to stay safe in their homes.


Reduce Fall Hazards Throughout Your Home


Preventing falls in bathrooms is a good first step for senior safety at home, but you need to be sure the rest of your house is safe as well. Falls account for the majority of serious injuries to seniors, and most seniors are injured when falling in their own homes. Falls can even be deadly. Take a look around your house to make sure your floors are safe for you to walk on. Carpet may be your best bet at preventing serious injuries if you do happen to fall. Be careful of any rugs you have and make sure they are tacked down securely. Also, be aware of any uneven surfaces, cords, or furniture that could trip you up when walking around. Shorter items, like stools and baskets, should be tucked away safely so you won’t trip over them.


Install a Ramp or Lift


If you have stairs around your home, they could limit your ability to get around safely. Those with mobility issues or wheelchairs should consider alternatives to steps and stairs to make life safer at home. For steps outside and ledges around your home, ramps can make getting around much faster and safer. If you’re in a wheelchair you may even be eligible for Medicare coverage for ramps. If you have larger staircases inside, a lift or elevator may be a good option to consider. Installing a chair lift or elevator in your home generally ranges from $2,545 to $6,220. But installing one of these helpful options can add value to your home and quality to your life.


Use Technology to Stay at Home 


Technology can help seniors age in place as well. For seniors living alone, or those who are at home alone for extended periods of time, an in-home monitoring system can be an easy, economical way to stay safe. Getting help quickly in the case of a fall, injury, or illness could mean the difference between life and death, and you may not be able to reach a phone in your time of need. These days, there are quite a few in-home monitoring systems to choose from. Some options may require WiFi, while others work off your cellular phone network. There are also contracts and other elements to consider. Research your options and find a system that works for you and will help you feel safer at home.


By being able to age in place, seniors can maintain their independence and control over their own life. Ensuring a safe, comfortable environment in your home can add years to your life and add joy to those years. So, make sure your home is set up so you can enjoy the best years of your life in safety, comfort, and happiness.


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