What The New-Start Solution was Missing!?!?

Over the last 4 years, I have spent endless hours critiquing The New-Start Solution (NSS) to cover every basis that I know of health. With a strong backbone in biochemistry, The NSS is designed to restore you body’s functions by flooding it with the necessary nutrients that are found in wholesome foods. Through the laws of nature, this design of healthcare restores your health in the same way that it grows.

With great success, The NSS has changed the lives of many patients, and I have taken feedback from each one to continue critiquing this program, giving me the foundation to write a book about it, called How Health Comes Apart

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​Recently, I had an eye opening meeting with AnnaStacia Nuffer that helped me bring to light the one facet of health that The NSS was missing, emotion. AnnaStacia is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki provider, and mother of three little girls. One conversation with AnnaStacia helped me understand that in the world of holistic health, I have a lot to learn. I have always been under the impression and understand that it is wholesome foods, nutrients, vitamins, and macronutrients are what are needed to nourish our health, but she brought a new understand of what “food” for our health really is.

AnnaStacia taught me the simple difference between “primary” and “secondary” food. See, the food that we eat, and The NSS focuses on is just our secondary food that fills the void of our body. As it is vital to remain full of nutrients from our diet, our “primary” food source is a symphony of our experiences, relationships, music, art, self-esteem, self-satisfaction, and more. She went on to explain how a person that is satiated with their primary food will be more resistant of giving in to emotional eating, or indulging in secondary foods that hurt our health.

I will always be a student of health, trying to learn as much as possible to translate into a healthcare model to pass along to patient care. AnnaStacia agreed to come on-board at New-Start Health Center to help me bring a well-rounded health care system to each and every patient we can. I am excited to have her help bring The NSS into a full spectrum wellness program, covering physical, chemical, and emotional standpoints of health.

Building New-Start Health Center has given me the greatest gift of all, meeting new and exciting people to grow this practice into its own. After only one session with AnnaStacia, I could feel my mind expanding to a whole new realm in holistic health I am confident that her approach to wellness is the final touch that The NSS needed to be complete. Stay tuned for more information regarding the bridge between biochemistry and emotional health. 


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