Your Health is Your Responsibility!?!?

That is typically a gut check epiphany for my patients to understand. Not your doctor, your personal trainer, your spouse, or any anyone else. You are in charge, and it just so happens that every aspect of your life goes into the matrix of creating health and wellness.


  • Genetics- Family history of inflammatory conditions like hypothyroidism and diabetes increase the chances of developing these conditions, but they are not the deciding factor.
  • Stress Level- Stress causes a entire cascade of events from sympathetic overdrive, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels, and decreased melatonin production (the sleep hormone)
  • Activity Level- Physical activity reduces systemic cortisol levels (the stress hormone). Lack of exercise will drive every inflammatory condition because of cortisol.
  • Diet- Every single food you put into your mouth will either improve or hurt your health levels. We seek flavor instead of nutrients.
  • Toxins- Smoking, alcohol, food coloring, chemicals, GMOs, processed foods, and perfumes can all be shutting your health down.
  • Cleaning Supplies- Long term exposure to chemical based cleaning supplies can hinder your thyroid function, and overall metabolism.
  • Sleep- The human body needs sleep. The human body needs exercise to lower cortisol levels to increase melatonin levels to let you sleep. Get active, get some sleep.
  • Water- There is literally NO SUBSTITUTE FOR WATER. Not Gatorade, tea, coffee, fruit juice, or crystal light water additive, NOTHING REPLACES WATER.


We have an inflammatory epidemic on our hands. Obesity rates are soaring. Thyroids are shutting down. Stress is taking over our minds. We have stopped taking responsibility for our actions and we are sick. The biggest issue is, the medical model is pushing poison to treat conditions that are due to eating and exposure to poison…. This will not work. The evidence is clear. We are consuming more medications than ever before and are spending more money on healthcare than ever before.

It is time for a wake up call.
It is time for change.
It is time to take control of your health.

The New-Start Solution Can Help!

The first step at New-Start to accepting the responsibility of taking control of your health is to see where you health is. We offer a complementary health screening that analyzes every symptom imaginable and give you a detailed report of where your health stands.

Click on the image below to take the quiz for yourself. You will be emailed a report, and we can further discuss the results later.

The results from this quiz has blown a lot of minds recently. So many people are accepting what is, and getting on the right track to be what will become. I can assure you that The New-Start Solution is the last health solution you will ever need. There is no more sophisticated program to get your health back.

Just 100-Days from now, you can feel like you haven’t felt for years.

Happy Healthing,

Dr. Mozingo


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