There’s no method to describe it lower: Lower back pain is just plain uncomfortable. If it’s dull and painful or sharp and sharp, or stiff and tight the back of your neck isn’t a pleasant experience. But the good thing is there are simple ways to build your muscles and say goodbye to back discomfort goodbye.

Exercise is the best form of preventive care especially for your lower back According to Morgan Kirner, CPT, an accredited personal trainer and instructor at Balanced. “Exercises that strengthen the muscles in the lower back will help keep you in a stable position and will help you maintain your posture throughout all the different stages that you go through in life.” Furthermore when you work your lower back it is training the muscles surrounding it such as your glutes, abs and hamstrings. This can increase your overall strength and help keep you pain free.

Get to know the experts: Morgan Kirner, CPT is an accredited personal trainer and Coach at Balanced.

Back pain is usually a strain or pain that affects the ligaments and muscles (what connects bone and muscle) that run down the back. back as explained by Kirner. “The the lower vertebrae which comprise the lumbar spine comprise the bulk all the body weight as well as the lumbar spine assists in picking heavy objects, bend left and right and coordinate contralateral motions such as jogging or walking,” Kirner adds. That’s a lot to do.

Additionally the fact that your back is strained when you’re picking up children or grocery items or dancing, walking, jumping or riding your bike or sitting up all day , and the overuse of your back is the primary cause of the discomfort. “Over long periods of time, the greater stress that’s put upon the lower lumbar spine is the greater the extent to which it expands,” says Kirner. “This can result in strains, herniated disks as well as other injuries which require extensive rehabilitation. This is because, without correct exercises to strengthen the lower back, lumbar spine and the lower back are at risk of decline, injury and, of course, discomfort and pain.”

Furthermore poor posture and an inflexible core could contribute to the pain. If your core muscles are weak the body will adjust and the lower back perform the additional work. Also, if you’re seated all day (guilty! ) Your hips are always in a state of flexion that can create a situation that causes your lower back muscles to stretch and expand, Kirner explains.

Do not forget that there’s a happy end here that will eliminate or stop the lower back pain, however.

10 Best Exercises For Lower Back Pain

For all back pain, and for all the back relief, try these easy-to-do exercises recommended by Kirner anytime of the day, whether your a morning person or a an evening early riser. Start by warming up (brisk walks or dynamic stretches) before diving into.

Timing: 5-15 minutes | Equipment:Bodyweight, dumbbells (optional) | Great For: Back

Guidelines: Select two to three movements. Do the reps you have been assigned before moving on to another exercise. Repeat three times for a total of three rounds. Rest at least 60 seconds between rounds.

A note to note that when you’re suffering from chronic pain or symptoms that show no improvement, you should consult your physician or an PT.