Police lights

A truck driver delivering a load for Amazon crashed early Sunday morning in Reno County.

The Reno County Sheriff’s Office reported that Jahongir Muratov, 43, of Brooklyn, New York, called 911 around 2:30 a.m. to report that his truck had overturned and he was near 320 S. K- 61 stuck in Arlington.

The MPs contacted Muratov, who was still in the cab of his truck and complained of hip, leg and back pain. The officers broke open the windshield of the truck with a baton and were able to get the driver out.

Muratov told investigators that a small limo passed him when he pulled into Arlington and then hit the brakes, causing him to lose control and the truck to roll over. Muratov was transported to the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center because of his injuries.