Here are some safety tips to help students prepare for the new school year gets underway.

With kids going back to school throughout the Coast It is crucial for all students to understand the importance of backpack safety.

Backpacks are a must-have item for bringing materials and books to classes However, how you use them could have long-term consequences, including neck and back discomfort.

Dr. DeWitt has helpful tips to consider when shopping for a backpack. “When you’re buying the right backpack for your children be sure that the length that the bag is around the length of your child’s body. Then, be sure that the backpack does not hang at or below the level of four inches below their waist. Therefore, you shouldn’t hang the backpack too high because it’s going to put more stress on the lower back and also.”

The teacher at Elementary School Dana Hyer states that improper backpacks are nothing new in her classrooms. “Not being able to keep straps that are secure and tight to them, which is why often when students come in I’ll make it a little to make sure that when they go out, it’s not such an issue. Even helping them navigate through things that are months old. For the older children I’ve seen more fashion trends that they’ve have one strap and are trying to appear cool, but later they’re complaining about how heavy it is because they’ve got several books and binders, and it’s an ongoing issue for a variety of age groups I’ve seen.”

If your child is at in the pre-K stage or perhaps you’re an undergraduate student it’s important to know how to place your weight into the bag.

The most important thing to remember for those carrying backpacks is to use the straps both on shoulders. Make sure that the straps are secure in relation to the body and ensure that your largest objects are placed closest the back.