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CATTLE producers participating in the Commercial Cattle Championships at Beef 2021 supported the use of pain relief in animal husbandry.

Kerryn Piggott, Christmas Creek, Rolleston, said the standard Tri-Solfen product is used on approximately 1,000 calves a year.

“We believe it is of the utmost importance that our cattle are happy and satisfied,” said Ms. Piggott.

“The first thing we noticed about using Tri-Solfen is that there was a noticeable effect after dehorning and neutering.

The use of painkillers is increasingly being taken over by ranchers.

“They ran much better, stayed with the mob and we didn’t have any calves left, which has happened in the past.

“Happy cattle make fat cattle, which will hopefully make you more money.”

Keith Bettridge, Mount Wilga, Alpha, said Tri-Solfen made a huge difference in helping the maternity process.

“In front of Tri-Solfen the calves lay down, shook their heads, refused to mother, refused to suckle,” said Mr. Bettridge.

“We tried it and we liked it and we’ve been using it ever since.

“It’s good for the entire industry, I would recommend it.”

Peter Mahoney, Gyranda, Theodore said he has been using tri-solfen for two years.

“What I notice is that the calves are usually pretty calm,” said Mr. Mahoney.

“It is rare that you see a calf that is agitated, in pain, or appears to be in pain.

“In my experience, it adds an outlet, especially from an animal welfare point of view.”

Professor Peter Windsor of the University of Sydney, Camden said the introduction of pain relief to the farm is testament to Australia’s leadership in promoting practical animal welfare.

Peter Windsor is a Veterinarian and Professor Emeritus at the University of Sydney, Camden, NSW.

“It is good news to be told,” said Professor Windsor.

“Australian agriculture has made a major impact on improving animal welfare around the world with the willingness of many of our farmers to proactively change their practices.”

The beef industry’s commitment to animal welfare has been reinforced with the publication of a pain relief guide for necessary animal husbandry practices.

The guide published by the Cattle Council of Australia follows recent improvements in access to registered pain relievers.

Tri-Solfen is a distinctive blue gel that contains two local anesthetics, lignocan and bupivivain, as well as adrenaline to stop bleeding and an antiseptic to prevent infection.

One application of Tri-Solfen costs between approximately $ 1 and $ 1.50 to treat each animal. It is described as being best for calves six to eight weeks of age and is said to provide pain relief for 24 to 36 hours.

Tri-Solfen is applied with a recently upgraded applicator gun.

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