Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers in 2022

Many people sleep on their stomachs, which is one of the worst sleeping positions for your body. Sleeping on your stomach can cause lower back pain because it overstretches your spine and leads to overall sore joints. It can also lead to tense shoulders and a stiff neck, leading many stomach sleepers to need regular sports massages. The best mattress for stomach sleepers is essential for proper spinal alignment and additional support.

Having the right mattress, as well as a comfortable pillow, can make a world of difference in overcoming the overall negative effects that sleeping on your stomach can have on your body. The number one priority when looking for the best mattress for stomach sleepers is proper spinal support. It’s best to have enough support so you don’t sink into the bed, but not so much resistance that you put pressure on your shoulders and neck.

In this article, we share our tips for the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. We’ll tell you why each is a good fit and give you some information on what stomach sleepers should look out for when buying a new mattress.

Nectar mattress

Nectar is a medium firmness memory foam mattress suitable for all sleeping positions. So much so that the mattress is marketed as an “any position” memory foam mattress. It is the best mattress for stomach sleepers as it has 3 inches of gel memory foam that provides a contouring back and two extra layers of foam underneath giving them the best support. Nectar is a brand for affordable comfort, and they have a generous 365 Nights Sleep Sample and Forever Guarantee.


How to choose a Saatva latex mattress

companion mattress

The Saatva is a high-end mattress with memory foam, a durable layer of steel coils and an organic cotton cover. If you are a stomach sleeper who suffers from back pain, this is the ideal bed for you. It’s the perfect amount of firmness and support to keep your hips from sagging and your spine more aligned. The support is so good it’s a great mattress for combination sleepers who move around at night. The organic cotton cover is incredibly breathable. The steel coils also encourage airflow, making it one of the cooler sleeping mattresses on this list.

Classic mattress from Saatva

Plank mattress by Brooklyn Bedding.

The plank mattress

The Plank mattress is the latest innovation from mattress brand Brooklyn Bedding. It’s marketed as “The firmest, leanest, healthiest way to sleep.” Plank is a fold-down bed that allows sleepers to choose between a firm and an extra firm side. It is an excellent mattress for stomach sleepers as it improves circulation and promotes proper spinal alignment. It also increases oxygen flow since you can breathe more deeply. If you know you need stronger support but are unsure how firm you need it, you can try both sides to find your ideal match.

avocado green mattress

Avocado mattress

The Avocado mattress is our eco-friendly brand on this list. Their sustainable mattress is made from organic cotton, recycled steel, natural latex and New Zealand wool. It is the best mattress for stomach sleepers when ordered without a pillowtop. Because it’s on the firmer side, stomach sleepers will feel supported throughout the night. Eco-conscious sleepers will like that Avocado dispenses with chemicals and sustainably harvests all materials. Instead of using glues or adhesives, they hand tufted each layer.

a sparrow mattress in the bedroom.

The Sparrow Mattress

The Sparrow is a luxury hybrid mattress from Nest Bedding. The mattress is available in three firmness levels, with firmness being the best option for stomach sleepers. The mattress is a mix of individually bagged coils and gel-infused memory foam while providing the ultimate balance of comfort and support. It’s also a great mattress for couples as you can split the firmness of the bed into King and Cali King sizes. Stomach sleepers can choose the hardest rating, while their patients choose medium or plush.

Casper Wave mattress in one room.

Casper mattress

Casper is a versatile and comfortable choice that suits all sleeping positions. This can be achieved because the foams don’t let you sink in too deep and they react; Adjusting and cradling the body as it changes. What sets it apart and why it is the best mattress for stomach sleepers is its zoned third layer support. This gives more support to the core where the weight is most on the mattress. The mattress has less foam in the shoulder area, which provides extra comfort and alignment when you need to switch to your side.

Casper original mattress

Being a stomach sleeper comes with a unique set of issues, and finding the best mattress can be difficult. Some mattresses are too soft, some too hard, and some don’t provide enough support for your back. With the help of this article, you should be able to find the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. Hopefully it won’t be as difficult as it seems.

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