Yep, Masturbation Can Reduce Period Pain

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When it comes to relieving period pain, we try pretty much anything – heat packs, ibuprofen, exercise – anything to get rid of nasty cramps. But have you ever tried masturbation? A new study shows that masturbation is not only good for short-term pain relief, but also has long-term benefits.

Last May, the sex toys brand Womanizer partnered with the period products brand Lunette to conduct a global clinical study on masturbation to see if and to what extent it could help relieve menstrual pain. The study, conducted in collaboration with a clinical psychologist, sex therapist, and chief researcher, found that regular masturbation was effective in reducing a range of period pains such as cramps, headaches, chest and back pain, gas, and diarrhea. But how does it work?

The science behind why masturbation can help relieve period pain

The study shows that certain hormones such as endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine are released during and after orgasm and have a positive effect on the body. “Endorphins have a direct influence on the perception and processing of pain and counteract the effects of prostaglandins. [While] Oxytocin reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which has a relaxing effect and relieves pain. In addition, dopamine causes feelings of euphoria, happiness, and inner bliss. Because of this, other physical processes (that cause the sensation of pain) take a back seat, which feels like pain relief. “

Masturbation also increases blood flow and circulation, which has an increased relaxing effect on the muscles. It has the same reaction to the body as an orgasm, only with a little less intensity. Studies also show that these chemical reactions are strongest during and after orgasm, so it makes sense that masturbation can provide a sense of pain relief.

So does it actually work?

After the four-month study, about 90% of respondents said they would recommend regular masturbation to their friends as a means of pain relief, including during their period – and 85% of them said they would continue the practice themselves. The study also showed that the act of masturbating, even if you did not have an orgasm, still provided some degree of pain relief. 63% of respondents said it had an effect and 31% said it had helped a lot in the short term.

In the long-term results, after 3 months of regular masturbation, the average pain intensity was reduced by 1.3 points and the frequency by 2.8 points. Both also tended continuously downwards during the test phase of the experiment.

People’s personal experiences ranged from “It was really interesting to see how effective masturbation was than usual medicine” to “My cramps are worse when I don’t masturbate than when I do.” Masturbation is my preferred method. ”And as someone who writes about sex professionally and had to try this method for myself, I can attest that I feel significantly less pain during my periods if I masturbate regularly. It’s also my preferred method of pain relief when I’m knocked down by convulsions.

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Does it work for everyone?

While the results of the study varied from person to person, the majority found that regularly masturbating or masturbating during periods helped relieve period pain. That said, the only way to find out if it works for you is to try it out for yourself.

How do you masturbate on your period?

If you are someone who can stimulate orgasm through the clitoris, you are in luck. Masturbating on your period can be pretty painless and messy. Try a clitoral vibration or an egg / bullet vibrator like We Vibes Touch X ($ 149.95). If you’re more of an inner orgasm, just put a towel down and create a space for yourself where things can get messy – that’s the reality. Or, grab a waterproof vibrator like Lelos Mia 2 ($ 119) and jump in the shower.