Carson Daly did not mince words when explaining why he chose to have his second back procedure in only three months.

“(I was) completely deteriorating physically,” Carson told TODAY in an email.

Today’s cohost has been recuperating after the Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) procedure that was performed by the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City on Tuesday. This was his third attempt to relieve the lower back discomfort which has been a constant issue since a snowmobile crash in 1997, while at MTV.

“For me personally, I’ve long believed in the notion that surgery should be the last option after having exhausted every other method of pain relief methods and lower back treatment methods,” he said. “Simply simply put, in the span of 20 yearsof trying all kinds of things.”

Sept. 1, 202200:38

Carson was treated with a non-invasive procedure known as Intracept in June. It’s a procedure in the process, a probe is heated up the nerve root located in the area that is causing pain to stop the nerve from transmitting signals of pain through the brain. But, he claimed it wasn’t providing him with the relief he required.

“It’s an excellent choice in some cases, but it was not the one I was looking for.” Carson said.

A conversation of the Dr. Andrew Hecht, chief of spine surgery at the Mount Sinai Health System, resulted in Carson “1,000 percent” certain of the fact that using an ALIF treatment was “the appropriate procedure to take.”

It is the ALIF procedure “is a kind of spinal fusion that makes use of an anterior (front — via in the region of the abdomen) method to fuse (mend) both lumbar spine bones,” according to the University of Southern California Spine Center.

The seriousness of Carson’s medical condition required surgery as well.

“The discomfort of my lower back was getting worse at a faster pace and even in the past 12-18 month,” he said.

June 13, 202207:45

He claimed he was unable to play golf or jump rope, jog or ride his Peloton or bend over in deep and raise his knees up to the chest, or engage in any kind of rotational exercise. He also had difficulty with daily routines such as getting in and out of bed and in his truck, and putting his pants on and tie his shoes.

“The electrical shocks were growing in frequency and intensity when I experienced with leg pains and numbness in my thighs,” he said. “Ten between 12 and 14 weeks prior to the surgery I was basically restricted to walking as my principal activity. The physical condition was rapidly deteriorating.”

Carson was injured by an injury to the T12 region of his back during a snowmobile accident while being taken down an mountain by the ski patrol in the area to film for MTV at Aspen, Colorado.

Since incident, the man stated that he’s tried yoga, physical therapy massages, and a variety of other methods to obtain relief but nothing has been effective.

He believes that the ALIF procedure can provide the answer. The estimated time for recovery is to take between six and 12 weeks. He also stated that the fusion of bone can take anywhere from six months to a year.

“I’m optimistic that by getting rid of the dark, degenerative and dehydrated disc … and then adding proteins and spacers that will bind that lower vertebrae portion together, it will provide me with the structure and relief that I require to restore the physical (ability) as well as quality in life!” said he. “And at 49 , with four children who are eager to go, it’s all.”