Have you been suffering with persistent back pain? Are you experiencing that infamous back discomfort affecting your day-to-day routine? Do you find it difficult to stand or sit because of back pain? If so, then you must be alert and seek immediate treatment. We will tell you about different reasons, symptoms and treatment options related to back discomfort. Learn more about it and to take the appropriate precautions to live a healthier life. Try to avoid engaging in strenuous activities if you experience back pain.

Today the chronic back discomfort is regular condition among people. It can be a stressful time to those. There are many causes for back pain. Dr. Himanshu Bendre, Orthopedic Consultant discusses the causes, symptoms, and the treatment for chronic back pain.


It is often as a result of age and arthritis in the spine is the gradual loss of the cartilage in the spine and the and the narrowing of the spinal canal as a result of spinal disc issues, stenosis like bulging or herniated discs or even myofascial discomfort syndrome that causes undiagnosed muscles tenderness and pain. The majority of patients suffer from extreme back pain as a result of sciatica and fractures, injuries, falls and muscles spasms. Also, lifting something that isn’t properly or weighty, bending in awkward ways or for prolonged periods of time, stretching too much or bending over, prolonged driving sessions, sitting or standing for long periods or even performing abrupt and unnatural movements could result in back pain.


Someone suffering from back pain may exhibit symptoms and signs such as weight loss as well as fever, swelling, and inflammation of the back chronic back pain, pain in the legs, problems with urination urinary incontinence and fatigue.


Surgery and medication can ease back pain. Physical therapy can be beneficial in the management of back discomfort. You can try stretching, exercises, aerobic exercises and core strength exercises. Be sure to keep a healthy posture, practice yoga to ease back pain, and follow an appropriate diet that is balanced to keep the ideal weight and be aware of back discomfort. Smoking increases the chance of suffering from low back pain , so stop it. Utilizing heat and an ice-pack can help control back discomfort.