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Coimbatore: Frequent use of the routes littered with speed limits can harm both the body and the vehicles, caution experts.
Ortho specialists say that those with back pain would experience more pain if they regularly rode the tracks filled with speed breakers.
Although there is a rule of having ramps on either side of the speed breakers, they say it is not followed, which puts more pressure on the commuters’ bodies as they negotiate the bumps. Accordingly, there are cases where people suffer minor fractures in the spinal cord when they hit the speed bumpers.
David V. Rajan, director of the town’s Ortho-One Orthopedic Specialty Center, says those with back pain should be more careful when handling speed bumpers, as there is a chance the pain could spread to the legs as well. “Recently, a patient came to the hospital with back pain after hitting a speed breaker. There was a small fracture in the spinal bone at the check-up. People with back pain should avoid sitting in the back seats while driving in buses and vans, as the effects are more pronounced there. If you are traveling with two-wheelers, you have to be particularly careful. ”
N Selvaraj, a mechanic from Ramanathapuram, points out that a normal tire would last three to five years and a shock absorber five to seven years under normal conditions littered with speed interrupters.
“Two-wheelers who regularly drive on routes with speed breakers should have their vehicles serviced every two to three months. Otherwise it could take a toll on them, ”he said.