Based on Mark Dumonski, MD, a Greensboro spine surgeon and a member of the Cone Health Medical and Dental team that specializes in ailments of the spine One reason for back and leg pain is a lumbar disk herniation.

“As the discs that lie between the bones of the spine get older and a disc fragment may get through the spinal canal and press against nerves. nerve.” the doctor. Dumonski. “Disc herniations may cause lower back pain, and burning pain in either of the legs. Ninety percent patients suffering from herniated discs remember an event that triggers them for example, being involved in a crash with a vehicle or lifting a large box.”

Strengthening your core muscles and abstaining from smoking cigarettes can reduce your risk of developing disc herniation. But disc herniations tend to be more prevalent in those of the advancing age of people and with a background of disc issues.

It is common for symptoms to improve with rest and non-prescription anti-inflammatory drugs. If the pain persists for more than two or three weeks then it’s time to make an appointment with an spine specialist for a check-up and more advanced treatment.

“Your doctor may suggest an MRI or imaging test which helps determine the cause,” adds Dr. Dumonski. “Additional treatment options typically consist of physical therapy and injecting steroids.”

“For the small proportion of patients who suffer from legs pain or numbness, or weakness, a minimally invasive procedure to eliminate the herniated disc fragment is usually the best option” Dr. Dumonski concludes. “Most patients experience no pain following surgery , and can go back to normal activities in approximately six weeks.”