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If you’re struggling with leg or hip pain, your feet could be the problem! Gaard recently caught up with Paul Jackson to find out how his new bows from The Good Feet store have literally changed his life.

The Good Feet Store was the perfect place for Paul. They have a board of certified arch technicians and are recognized as the nation’s premier arch and orthotic business. In just a short time, The Good Feet Store was able to solve Paul’s problems with a few simple tests.

Bill Miller of store The Good Feet provided Paul with the perfect insoles which improved his balance and allowed him to ditch his cane for good and walk out the door with confidence!

The shop for good feet

The Good Feet Store designs and manufactures dozens of orthopedic solutions to help relieve foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain and plantar fasciitis. The Good Feet Supports are positioned within your shoe so that all four arches can be properly positioned to ensure your body weight is evenly distributed. The results include improved balance, less pain and better stability throughout the lower body.

You will find 30 different styles in hundreds of different sizes. All of them are made in the United States and are versatile enough to go with any type of footwear, including work boots, dress shoes, running shoes, and even heels and slippers! Leave the pain behind, feel comfortable in the shoes you choose to wear, and regain freedom in your life by investing in these simple insoles. Each experience is tailored to your preferences, so you leave the store with a solution that leaves you physically healthy and mentally happy.

The Good Feet team will be happy to help you. Schedule a free fitting and trial run today and find a solution to your foot pain the same day. Visit to get started!