Demonstrations attract shoppers at the State Fair Expo Center

MILWAUKEE – At the Exposition Center at State Fair, you can try it out before you buy. From beauty products to cleaning and kitchen gadgets to fun toys in the air, the demonstrations draw shoppers in.

Prices vary depending on the product. A window wiper kit was $ 45. A foot device was $ 220 with a belt that helps with back pain.

“Like every massage product, it stimulates blood circulation,” explains the exhibitor.

While some rummaged, some bought.

“We have a steamer that is also an iron that also cleans jewelry,” said Yonisha Wagoner.

“It’s supposed to be $ 200, but I got it for $ 60,” she added.

Laura Coste bought cutting scissors.

“It’s for cutting a quarter of an inch to three inches of a tree branch.”

“My husband will use it a lot,” she said.

Each aisle of the 200,000 square meter area was filled with a salesperson. But not everything was for sale, like this massager with thirty-six jets of water acting on your muscles. They cost $ 40,000 when new.

“It was kind of weird because I’ve never had a massage or anything,” said Charlie Thaler.

“We don’t sell. We only catch up with them to give people massages to make their day a little better, ”said exhibitor Carla Gutche.

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