Do you have tense muscles?  This is the miracle tool that doctors recommend

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Do you have back, hip or leg pain? Aletha Health’s Hip Hook could be the solution you have been looking for. Chronic lower back and lower limb pain is frustrating and all too common. In a 2019 study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 39% of adults in the US had back pain and 36.5% reported lower limb pain in the past three months . It is not easy to accurately diagnose the cause of your lower limb pain, and it is often even more difficult to find effective non-pharmaceutical treatment for long-term relief. The Hip Hook is specifically designed to relieve tension in the psoas and iliacus, two muscles that are often the leading cause of hip and lower limb pain, according to Aletha Health.

For a limited time, the Hip Hook is available for $ 149, a savings of $ 40 off the list price of $ 189. When you use the promotional code I’LL WAIT You can get an additional $ 10 off retail price and free shipping for a final price of just $ 139.

Lower limb pain, in particular, can be difficult to diagnose because of the complex interactions between bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Because some of the muscles lie under other soft and hard tissue structures, you sometimes need initial treatment to relieve the tension or spasms of the outer tissues in order to reach the inner tissues that are the main cause of pain or disability. It was this necessary two-step relief that led Aletha Health to develop the Hip Hook, the company says.

According to Aletha Health, the iliacus muscle fuses with the psoas muscle. Together, the two muscles form the hip flexors. For many people, Aletha Health claims, the iliac muscle has a tendency to hold tension. However, the iliacus is difficult to reach because it is behind the psoas. The hip hook is designed to first release tension with the psoas and then apply more pressure to reach the iliac muscle to release the constant tension that causes most pain.

A woman using the hip hook on an exercise mat.

Tense psoas and iliac muscles cause more than just physical discomfort. Tensioning the hip flexors can cause significant balance problems, affect lower limb function, and drain strength from your entire body.

Stretching is helpful in many ways, but Aletha Health says you can and should stretch yourself to loosen muscle knots. The only way to release tension in muscles like the hip flexor, psoas, and iliacus is through direct, sustained pressure. With the Hip Hook you can apply the right pressure to release the hard-to-reach psoas and iliac tension. Once released, your muscles will return to their proper alignment, which can help your entire lower body get stronger and perform better. Proper alignment also reduces the pain.

It’s easy to use the hip hook, claims Aletha Health. You can either lie down on the device or press against a wall, first pressing gently to loosen the psoas muscle and then pressing deeper to reach and relieve the iliac muscle. Aletha has guides and videos that show how to best use the Hip Hook.

Instead of the Hip Hook’s list price of $ 189, Aletha Health sells the Lower Limb Pain Relief for $ 149 when it launches. You will save an additional $ 10 using the code I’LL WAIT for a final price of $ 149, a saving of $ 50. Shipping is also free with this deal, the first deliveries are expected to take place in mid-September. If you’ve been struggling with gnawing lower limb pain for weeks, months, or even years, the Hip Hook’s two-step muscle relaxation could be the solution you need to get back to a pain-free life.

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