Seniors suffering from arthritis or back discomfort could be not receiving PS369 every month, as per an article published recently. PS369 is one of the ailments that could provide sufferers with an additional financial aid through the Attendance Allowance benefits.

All across the UK In the UK, there are over 1.5 million people of the age of State Pension receiving or PS61.85 or PS92.40 every week to assist pay for the additional expenses caused by a serious disability. The cash increase, provided through the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is being sought for a variety of ailments, including 29 percent of those who claim it suffer from arthritis.

As per the NHS website, arthritis is a cause of inflammation and pain in the joint. It is a medical illness that affects everyone of any age. If you are suffering from joint, back and joint pain, as well as muscles pain, it might be a reason to seek support through the DWP through Attendance Allowance.

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The information on how to claim the benefit are available on the official website of the government – or click here. However, Nottinghamshire Live sister publication, Daily Record, has given a brief overview of the benefits to make things easier. The eligibility criteria and the best way to apply are provided below.

The full details on how to claim Attendance Allowance are available in GOV.UK’s website here. GOV.UK site here.

Understanding Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance is a federal benefit that assists with additional costs when you suffer from disabilities that are physical or mental or illness that it becomes difficult to take care of yourself. However, it doesn’t take care of mobility issues. You don’t have to have someone care for you to be eligible for.

Are you eligible to receive a tax credit?

It is worth considering the possibility of applying to Attendance Allowance if suffer from a medical condition or disability and require help or care during the day and at times in the evening – even when you are not able to receive that assistance.

This could comprise:

  • Assistance with your personal needs like dressing drinking or eating taking a shower, getting out and in of your bed, showering or bathing and using the bathroom

  • Make sure you are secure

It is also worth considering applying if you’re having difficulty in your personal life like the ones that take you for a long time, or you feel pain or need physical assistance, for example, the use of a chair.

Attendance Allowance isn’t only for those with disabilities or illnesses that cause physical pain.

You may also think about seeking assistance or supervision during the night or day and you have:

  • a mental health problem

  • learning difficulties

  • Sensory impairment – when you’re blind or deaf

What price can I expect to pay?

The rates are different for the benefit. You can choose to receive PS61.85 or PS92.40 per week, based on the care required due to the condition you suffer from. It is paid each week for four weeks. It is calculated to PS247.40 and PS369.60 in each case. You are able to spend the money however you want and it can assist you in staying at your own home for a longer period of time.

This may comprise:

  • Taxi fare

  • Contributing to the cost of

  • paying for a gardener or cleaner

What happens if I have savings or other sources of income?

You’ll still be eligible to claim Attendance Allowance even if you don’t have savings or another source of income since the benefit isn’t a means-tested. It’s tax-free and free of the Benefit Cap which means you won’t be able to take money away from other benefits. It won’t impact the State Pension, and you can claim even if working.

If you’re considering making an application for Attendance Allowance after you reach the age of State Pension it is possible that you’d be better off making a claim for the Personal Independence Payout (PIP) right away. If you decide to claim PIP and are granted it the amount you’ll receive will be contingent on your situation and the extent to which your illness or disability impacts you. Learn more about how to claim PIP through the GOV.UK website here.

Who can claim the Attendance Allowance?

It is not possible to receive Attendance Allowance even if you have PIP, or Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to cover your healthcare. If you request Attendance Allowance in conjunction with DLA and receive the DWP typically will reassess your DLA award in lieu.

You may extend or renew your PIP or DLA at the time the current benefit expires as long as you meet the qualifications. If your renewal fails, you may apply for the Attendance Allowance instead.

How does Attendance Allowance impact other benefits?

Other benefits that you receive could increase if you are eligible for Attendance Allowance. This includes:

  • Extra Pension Credit

  • Housing Benefit Reduction

  • Council Tax Reduction

You can find your state Pension age by visiting the GOV.UK website here.

How do I claim Attendance Allowance?

It is necessary to fill in an extensive claim form which may be daunting however, help can be found at your local Citizens Advice centre. Alternately, you can refer to instructions from the Citizens Advice guide on how to fill out the claim form. Complete details on how to submit the form via mail or by phone are available at website.

Find out more information about attendance allowance on GOV.UK site Here.