Ex-employee discusses chiropractor charged with sex crimes

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Virginia – In 1987, a woman in her early 30s began working at the Bon Air Chiropractic Clinic on Professional Drive in North Chesterfield.

Your boss? Dr. Michael Pollock.

“He claimed to be a Christian who is very well rooted in the Bible,” said the woman, who agreed to share her story if her identity was protected. “It was very important for me to know that I would work in a position where I didn’t have to worry about the atmosphere and to know that we have the same beliefs.”

But she said her beliefs were tested during an adjustment Pollock made on her.

“The muscles in my lower back became so tight that I could practically no longer function.

She said Pollock had changed into a hospital gown and was lying on her side.

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“Then when I turned on my side, he started massaging my chest and explaining to me how this could help my lower back,” the woman said.

She said she groaned and rolled over on her stomach and broke off the date.

“My gut feeling was that this is not right, it is definitely not right,” she said. “I was having a hard time figuring out how muscles in your chest can help your lower back?”

Eventually she left the practice and found a new job.

“I saved myself for my husband, it was very special to me,” she said.

The woman said she contacted a friend who served on a medical panel in another state and asked if chiropractors would normally give a chest massage to treat lower back pain.

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“And [I] definitely wasn’t said, “she said.

This person emailed CBS 6 in support of the woman’s claim.

However, the woman chose not to contact the Virginia Board of Medicine because she felt the board members did not believe her.

“When you’re in a room and it’s just him and you that he never had anyone else in the room, I just felt that so often it would be what you hear, oh you’re just hearsay,” she said.

She went on with her life and, on the advice of her pastor, even wrote a letter to Pollock to forgive him.

“But I couldn’t forget because I felt like he was using his beliefs to attract people and his position as a chiropractor to take advantage of people,” she said.

And then, 34 years later, she learned that Pollock had been arrested and charged with four sexual crimes, allegedly assaulting two different women at the Advanced Wellness Center in the Museum District, where he was a fill-in chiropractor.

“He has to be stopped,” she said.

Pollock still has an active license but a court ordered him not to practice
until his trial.

The woman said she couldn’t understand why the medical association still hasn’t withdrawn his license.

In fact, the Federation of State Medical Boards issued 38 sexual misconduct recommendations by doctors over the past year.

Including the recommendation that medical associations should be empowered to suspend a license before an investigation is completed.

Although the board will neither confirm nor deny whether it has investigated Pollock, at least two women have filed complaints against him this year. These complaints usually lead to an investigation.

A board spokesman said Virginia law prohibits the board from suspending a license until an investigation is complete.

“I think [the medical board] has done a great disservice to the people who got in touch. Maybe it’s their politics, I don’t know, but it’s wrong and they have to change and they have to change quickly, ”the woman said.

The woman filed a complaint with the Board of Medicine in August, saying Chesterfield police contacted her this week after the Board of Medicine reported her complaint to them.