Flight attendants love Andyer's portable footrest for when they're on the go

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It’s rare to find ample legroom on an airplane without splurging on a seat upgrade. Squeezing your feet around your personal bag and a crowded row of seats while having to sit upright for long periods of time always leads to discomfort and numb toes, as well as leg, knee and lower back pain. Well, that was before the Andyer Portable Footrest.

Designed with comfort in mind, the flight attendant-approved travel footrest transforms any seat into a luxurious recliner by giving you the space you need to recline and elevate your feet. This results in a more comfortable ride, less stiffness and improved blood flow to your feet and legs.

It features an adjustable 26-inch strap that easily and securely attaches around tray tables, desks, and other places where you may sit for a long time. Both feet fit comfortably in the 7″ x 4″ sling, which is made from a padded mesh material for added airflow.

Buyers have a choice of the regular footrest or a memory foam option, which offers more support with its thick and resilient filling. If you don’t like putting both feet in the sling hammock style, you can opt for the separate cotton version, which elevates your feet with individual compartments to make them feel more balanced.

For another customer, the footrest “takes the pressure off my feet and knees and I [had] an extremely pleasant driving experience. I didn’t have to recline my seat to try and take the pressure off my legs like I normally would have to.” And if you don’t like wearing compression stockings when you fly, another wrote that it “did a great job of relieving it swelling” in her feet and ankles. A third reviewer shared that it “made things so much more comfortable” for them by providing “instant relief” from flying. It also took the pressure off of a traveller’s “back, hips, knees and butt” and made them “10 times more comfortable” because they could lift their feet just a few inches and change their seating position.

While one Amazon shopper vouched for its ease of use and discretion, he noted, “I’ve never had a problem with the tablet coming off, and people in front of me never seem to notice I’ve installed it.” And when it does When not in use, the reviewer said it rolls right back into its carry case and fits nicely in your carry-on, backpack, purse, or briefcase without adding any extra bulk.

Enjoy more legroom anytime with Andyer’s portable footrest. You can purchase the flight attendant and frequent traveler approved travel footrest from Amazon today.