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23 August 2021

When Nyhia Oughterson experienced lower back pain and burning sensation when urinating for several days, she was concerned but sure that things would clear up on their own.

“I’ve never had a urinary tract infection” [UTI] I didn’t know what to do beforehand, ”says Nyhia, a 20-year-old college student from Eatontown, New Jersey. “I did a little research and bought cranberry juice and supplements in the hopes that it would all blow my mind.”

But it got worse a few days later, on a trip home for Thanksgiving. She had a fever and chills, could not eat, and began to vomit and sweat profusely.

“At one point during the night I had to fall out of bed just to get to the bathroom. I was in such pain, ”she says.

At her mother’s urging, Nyhia eventually went to an emergency clinic, where a doctor told her she had a severe urinary tract infection and needed to be hospitalized for a check-up.

Nyhia went to the Jersey Shore University Medical Center, where she did a scan of her kidneys and found a 9-centimeter cyst on her left kidney.

“It was almost the size of my kidney,” says Nyhia.

Robotic surgery for faster recovery

In front of her urologist Mark Perlmutter, MDTo remove the cyst from her kidney, it would have to heal from the urinary tract infection first or risk infection during surgery.

“Such a cyst in such a young person is unusual,” says Dr. Mother-of-pearl. “When they develop, they are usually smaller. We don’t know how or why she got it, except bad luck. The cyst was so large that it partially compressed and could clog your ureter and kidney drainage systems. It put them at risk of recurring significant urinary and kidney infections in the future. “

After the urinary tract infection healed with a 10-day antibiotic, Dr. Mother of pearl performed a robotic operation at Nyhia at. by Ocean Medical Center to remove the cyst from her kidney. In robotic surgery, the procedure only required five tiny incisions in her abdomen.

“Robotic surgery has many advantages, especially in the kidney area,” says Dr. Mother-of-pearl. “The cuts are barely noticeable and the process causes minimal bleeding, which means people will feel better sooner after the operation.”

Three days after the surgery, Nyhia says she got up, moved, and felt much better.

“I feel really good now, like it hasn’t affected my life at all,” she says. “If I hadn’t got the urinary tract infection, I might never have known the cyst was there.”

In January 2022, she will have another CT scan to make sure the cyst has not grown back, but otherwise she will not need long-term care.

“Although Nyhia was unlucky to have this cyst, the great thing about it is that once the cyst was removed, her problem was completely gone,” says Dr. Mother-of-pearl. “Now she can go about her life as if nothing had ever happened.”

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