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BENGALURU: Most people don’t exercise or start over on their fitness journey because of back problems. The truth is, back pain is caused by a weak core, sitting for long periods of time, or not working on strengthening the muscles that protect the spine. Our bodies are designed to move and there are people who are afraid of getting into this position as it could make the pain worse. This is due to poor spinal hygiene. When is the spine stressed? The answer is almost always mainly the lumbar area.

If you sit for hours, drive long distances, lift weights, walk, or play sports, to name a few, your lower spine will be engaging in many load-bearing activities that general life and sports require. And because the spine does so much work, it goes through the general process of wear and tear, resulting in endless pain. How can you prevent it? The key is to exercise, and often! There are exercises that, if done regularly, can help form a protective cover around your spine and do wonders for your spinal health. Here are a number of them. Give it a try and do it regularly and notice the change in your spine.


Our lumbar spine absorbs the entire load when we are seated and, due to the work profile, we spend a lot of time in this position. It is generally good practice to walk 3 minutes for every 30 minutes of sitting. If you can discipline yourself for it, it will help give the spine time to recover and will have positive effects on metabolic factors that contribute to more fat loss


Bend your hips (without rounding your spine)

Soften your knee by bending it slightly

Keep your torso slightly parallel to the floor and a hip joint angle closer to 90 degrees

Maintain a neutral spine (maintain natural curvature)

If practiced consistently, it can potentially prevent lower back injuries and pain. Most of the time, back pain doesn’t come from poor lifting or something, but rather is the result of years of poor posture while sitting or lifting objects, no matter how heavy or light.

However, if you are already suffering from back pain, I strongly recommend that you see a doctor for a detailed examination and suggested solutions.

(Hold 4-5 repetitions on each side * 20-30 seconds on each repetition)
Lie on your back with your arms on your sides
Bend your knees and bring them to 90 degrees
Tighten the abdominal muscles, try to establish contact between the lumbar spine and the floor
Extend one leg and the opposite arm at the same time, hold, and switch the other side for the prescribed number of reps

(Hold 4-5 repetitions on each side * 20-30 seconds on each repetition)
Down on all 4 (knees on the floor)
Stiffen the abdominal region and straighten the opposite arm and leg away from the body
Hold for 10 seconds, bring your elbow closer to your knee and straighten it out again

(30 sec per side) Lie on one side, supported by your elbows, hips, and outside leg
Push your hips off the floor
Hold and switch after 30 seconds