Grow Maid in Virginia Beach educates people on how to grow their own weed

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Taylor Freeman was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager and says he turned to marijuana to help manage the pain.

“I use marijuana for my scoliosis and back pain, and it just helps me sleep,” he said.

Doctors prescribe the drug to relieve the symptoms of certain medical conditions, including arthritis, anxiety, and PTSD.

“ADHD; it can help you with epilepsy; it can help you with tons of diseases,” Freeman said. “There are tons of studies that are ongoing.”

Recreational marijuana is legal to possess, use, and grow in Virginia, but you still won’t be able to legally buy it until 2024.

Grow Maid in Virginia Beach helps people grow and grow their own weed legally while spreading awareness.

Freeman is co-owner of Grow Maid. The business started in January.

“Grow Maid is all about safety, health and well-being,” Freeman said.

Master breeders accompany you from sowing to harvest. They come to your home, set up a space like a closet or attic, and help you grow the cannabis plant.

A person can have up to four plants in a home, and legally they cannot be seen from a public street. You may not sell or distribute the marijuana.

Many argue that growing your own weed is safer than what you might get in illegal underground pop-ups.

“Growing your own is always better because you know what’s in it,” Freeman said. “People don’t really know what they’re getting when they buy on the street.”

While Grow Maid works to educate people about cannabis, they also try to break down stigma.

“People just look down on people who smoke or people who grow … like Prohibition used to be,” Freeman said.

Adults 21 and older may possess up to one ounce of marijuana. Anything over that but under a pound will result in a $25 fine.

Having more than a pound of weed is a criminal offense.

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