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A floor backpack is a device that is usually made of plastic or wood. It only weighs a few pounds and lies flat on the floor with a rounded portion facing up. Lie on your back face up on the device and position the part of your back that you want to lay over the curve of the stretcher. When lying on the curve, you should feel a slight stretch in your back.

Health benefits of a backpack

There are very few clinical studies on the health benefits of a specific back carrier, but there is plenty of evidence that stretching can relieve back pain. When used properly, a back extensor can be a helpful addition to your stretching routine.

A study of nurses in Taiwan who worked on their feet most of the day found that regular stretching improved their back pain. Meanwhile, a 2016 study in Healthcare magazine reported that an exercise program including stretching can increase the freedom of movement of the spine, making it easier to carry out normal daily activities.

Using back muscle stretching equipment can help relieve back pain. A study in Work found that more active training and exercises with minimal equipment, such as For example, rolling your lower back over a hard ball on the floor can be effective in relieving lower back pain. A back extensor that covers a larger part of the back than a ball can also provide relief.

Portable backpack device

The Lumbar Back Pain Relief Device can be a convenient option for back pain treatment and prevention at home.

Who should use a back stretcher?

People with mild, chronic pain who their doctor says does not require surgery may benefit from using a backpack for relief from discomfort or pain. “You may not be in a lot of pain for a couple of weeks – it just bothers you, which affects many of us,” says Dr. Shamie and adds that a thick, rolled-up blanket or yoga mat can provide the same relief as a backpack.

“Back pain is a very common problem for everyone,” says Dr. Shamie. “About 90% of people will experience back pain at some point in their life.” Fortunately, it usually goes away on its own if it’s not related to an accident, heavy lifting, or illness, he adds.

However, if the pain doesn’t go away, or you can’t determine the cause, check with your doctor before trying to treat it yourself. “If you don’t understand the cause of the pain, the treatment you are choosing could be useless or potentially harmful,” says Dr. Shamie.

How to use a back stretcher

Several backpack manufacturers have clear instructions on their websites on how to position your body in order to use this device effectively. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your tailbone against one end of the stretcher. Then lower your back over the stretcher and adjust so that the part of your back that needs relief is directly above the highest part of the curve of the stretcher. Remember to take a few deep breaths while lying here to increase the effects and promote a sense of relaxation. If you have an adjustable back extensor, start by placing it on the lowest arch.

Use caution when getting on and off a backpack, especially if your back is sore. Dr. Shamie suggests placing a blanket next to you so that when you pull it down, you can gently roll it to one side and push yourself up on the floor with one hand.

Some back extensors are also designed to be used as a lumbar support (lower back) on a chair.

Back extensors vs. inversion tables

Both floor back extensors and inversion tables are designed to help you stretch your back muscles, but they work in different ways.

Inversion tables securely strap your body onto a narrow, flat surface, and then tilt backward to turn your body into an upside-down position using gravity to take pressure off your spine and tighten your back stretch. Experts recommend staying in this position no more than a few minutes.

In the meantime, a floor-back extensor offers a different type of stretch. You can position your body so that it is focused on the tight part of your back and stay in that position for as long as you are comfortable. “An inversion lounger does not overstretch your back as much as a backpack carrier,” adds Dr. Shamie added.

Inversion tables for home use

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