I am struggling with chronic neck pain but this award winning mattress stopped my morning flare up in weeks

I struggle with chronic neck pain, but this award-winning mattress stopped my morning flare-ups in weeks

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I had chronic neck pain in college when turning my head at the wrong angle caused an occasional sore pain that could reach my fingertips. This year I finally found a physical therapist who knows how to deal with the problem. Even so, my progress was slow and the pain gets worse and worse as I roll out of bed in the morning. When I moved into a new apartment in August, I took this as an opportunity to switch to a mattress that could actually help relieve and relieve my neck pain.

When DreamCloud first offered to send me its premier mattress (Buy It, starting at $ 899, dreamcloudsleep.com), I hesitated. The full-size model costs more than my monthly rent and I thought there is no way I can safely recommend it. But after sleeping on it for a month, I can comfortably (and confidently) say that it could be the only expensive piece of furniture that is really worth the price. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. So if there’s something to spend, it’s a mattress that will make your body feel better than when you first went to bed. It does its job so well that I would buy it again if I had to.

The Premier is a hybrid mattress, which means it is made of several materials. In this case, there is a layer of spring core coils, an outer shell made of Mongolian cashmere, and four types of memory foam: a light high-loft layer (translated: fluffy and with more air than other options), a supportive layer, a pressure relief layer, and a flexible lower layer to prevent transmission of movement. Together, the layers help keep the spine in alignment, and since the spine encompasses the neck, that’s good news for me. (Related: The Best Mattresses For Back Pain, According To Chiropractors)

DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud Premier

Dream cloud

Buy it: DreamCloud Premier Mattress, starting at $ 899, dreamcloudsleep.com

I’m notorious for changing while I sleep, but DreamCloud Premier keeps my neck supported whether I’m on my back, side, or stomach. I could go to bed without a pillow and still wake up without pain – I used it when my pillowcases needed washing (oops) and I didn’t wake up with a stiff neck. This is also due to the gel memory foam, which adapts to your body to support and relieve pressure points. (Related: I Never Slept With A Pillow Until I Tried This Cooling Eco-Friendly Memory Foam One)

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After the first night I slept on this mattress, I felt a difference in my morning neck pain and my morning flare-ups were completely eliminated within weeks. My physiotherapist even commented on how much looser my muscles feel during our regular visits. I still struggle with the occasional pain on any given day, but that is part of being a chronic condition. Now at least I know that I can sleep well without making the problem worse.

If my review seems a little too exuberant, consider what paying customers have to say about the mattress. More than 4,000 have given it a five-star rating, commending it for being comfortable, cool (which stands out because the coils encourage airflow) and the response to their pain.

“I love my DreamCloud. My back problems are so much better now, ”wrote one customer. “No stiffness in the morning! I have arthritis in my back and actually get a whole night in bed, which I didn’t get before. “

“This is the best mattress ever,” said another shopper. “I’ve had aching back pain every morning for months and within a week of using my new DreamCloud mattress the pain is gone. It’s firm and yet it feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud!”

Mattress experts also consider the premier to be commendable (and an investment!). Last year alone, it was named Best Hybrid Mattress by Industry Authority Mattress Advisor and Best Mattress by Slumber Search and Non-Biased Reviews websites.

The DreamCloud Premier mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and 4 to 7 days free shipping. You also have a full 365 nights to try it out and if you’re not completely satisfied the brand will give you a refund and help you donate it to those in need. This is a rare luxury when it comes to shopping mattresses online, and with super-fast shipping, you won’t have to wait to experience the tension-relieving wonders for yourself.