I tried the Saatva Classic mattress and it's a sleep game changer

I gotta be honest folks: I slept on a 3-inch foam roller for about 11 years, and I loved it. Not for aesthetic reasons or because I thought I was some kind of cool nomad, but because, my god, sleeping on a hard, flat surface made my back feel good. However, my days of back bliss were numbered when my girlfriend moved in with me for a few months in the early days of the pandemic. (For some reason, she wasn’t a fan of wooden slats digging into her back while she snoozed.) So I reluctantly switched to a cheap innerspring mattress from a discount furniture store—since that was all I could afford at the time—and found that it brought great back pain and general malaise after a few weeks of (attempting) sleeping.

Then, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I switched to another “affordable” mattress from IKEA, which served its purpose but wasn’t anything special. And that was pretty much it for a few years — I just accepted the fact that my mattress kind of sucked and got on with my life. But today I’m here to tell you: It doesn’t have to be that way.

Lately I’ve been craving the support that the foam roller has given me, but my girlfriend would leave me for sure, I’ve also gotten used to the comfort of a proper mattress. For a while I just thought I had to choose between a girlfriend and a mattress I liked. That was until I found Send‘s Classic mattress.

SendFounded in 2010, the Austin, Texas-based mattress and bedding brand is known for its high-end mattresses that get insanely good reviews. while there is Tons of direct-to-consumer mattress brands Saatva vies for attention in the market and consistently performs top marks against the competition and was recognized by US News & World Report. It has also been named Best Mattress Overall by Good Housekeeping and Tom’s Guide, Best Luxury Mattress by the Sleep Foundation and Best Mattress for Back Pain by Forbes. Obviously it has a seriously solid reputation to live up to which is why I was really curious how it really compares to my 3 inch foam roller.


Classic mattress from Saatva

$1695$1495 upon delivery

What’s so great about the Saatva Classic mattress?

The real question: what isn’t Classic mattress from Saatva? Well, actually, it’s not many things — it’s not the answer to your existential angst, nor is it a ticket to the next sold-out Harry Styles show. However, it is a killer mattress. Saatva spared no expense in bringing this bad boy to market. Its cushioned comfort comes from the pressure-point relieving, three-inch “Euro Pillow Overlay” with a choice of three firmness levels. I went medium to get the best feel for the overall construction and while I’m not usually a fan of pillows, the top layer was sturdy yet comfortable and provided support where it counted. Plus, Saatva’s patented lumbar zone technology helps you achieve healthy spinal alignment whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or long-furby-tied-in-a-knot Sleeper.

Another plus was the, ahem, flatness(?) of the mattress; The sides don’t hang at all. Oddly enough, with the Saatva Classic’s dual-coil design — made from recycled carbon steel that’s been triple-hardened for superior durability — I never feel like I’m going to fall off the edge, as this thing doesn’t sag. The brand says the support coil base offers “superior durability that you just can’t get in a bed-in-a-box,” and I tend to agree—my last mattress was a bed-in-a-box and it felt like it was on its last legs from day one.

What I liked about the Saatva Classic mattress

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. I wasn’t sold on the idea of ​​a luxurious premium mattress, and when I first lay down on my giant sleeping platter I didn’t know what to think. However, when I woke up, I actually felt exactly as if I had slept on slats – only I was much, much more comfortable. I got all the support I needed without having to lie on a rock hard surface, my back felt great, I didn’t wake up once during the night and for the first time I didn’t want to leave my bed – not because I did dreading the day at work, but because my mattress was so damn cute. Also, my sheets fit perfectly on the Saatva Classic and I didn’t have to buy a whole new set. Coupled with mine dope linen beddingI never sweat in bed thanks to the naturally breathable organic cotton cover and dual-coil design that allows for more airflow, which helps disperse body heat.

But you know what the coolest thing was? The white glove service. For those who don’t know, white glove means a brave, brave soul literally brings the mattress into your bedroom and sets it up for you — even if, like me, you live on the third floor of a walk-in apartment building. That means there are literally no more excuses when you’re thinking about buying a mattress: you don’t have to hire a moving truck, you don’t have to enlist the help of your strong friends, and you don’t have to settle for a mattress in a box that never really unfolds to become what is depicted on the website.

TL;DR: Is the Saatva Classic mattress worth it?

After sleeping on the Saatva Classic mattress for a month, I can confidently say a resounding YES! It’s not the cheapest buy, but it’s far from the most expensive mattress—and it’s an investment in your future, as you’ll spend about a third of your life lying on that bad boy. Couple that with excellent white glove service, cooling technology, a firm yet comfortable design, and easy adjustment to existing sheets and bed frames, you really can’t go wrong with this mattress. (Also, although Memorial Day is over, the Saatva sale isn’t — the classic mattress is $200 discount until June 6.)

Nice dreams.

The Classic mattress is available on Send.

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