Injured shares moments before crash with food truck

Raul Moncada was out getting ice cream with his family on Friday night before a truck drove into a crowd at Holla Mode, injuring him and ten others.

AUSTIN, Texas – Raul Mocada enjoyed a typical Friday night with his family. First it was dinner with his in-laws, followed by dessert at one of their favorites, Holla Mode Thai Style Ice Cream.

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While waiting for his order, Mocada heard a low screech, then everything went black.

“It was pretty loud and then all of a sudden I was on the floor. I couldn’t remember anything or hear anything else,” Mocada said.

The father of two was one of 11 injured after a truck ran into the ice cream van.

Mocada was taken to the hospital with leg and back pain and received 5 staples in the back of the head. He was kept in the hospital for 24 hours. He says that although this was a terrifying moment in his life, when he woke up the scene was even more frightening.

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“The scariest thing was seeing how people were affected and how people couldn’t move on the floor right next to me,” Mocada said.

His wife Esther was nearby when the crash happened. She said she still hears people screaming in her head after the accident.

Mocada will go back to the doctor in two weeks to monitor the bleeding in his brain.

According to Holla Mode managers, the food truck is expected to reopen on Tuesday.

The Austin Police Department said the crash is still under investigation.

Mocada says he’s grateful to be behind the accident and thanks bystanders for their help, but he has a message for drivers navigating the busy Barton Springs road

“Slow down and look around you. We don’t want this to happen to anyone, especially children,” Mocada said.


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