Italian Open: Bianca Andreescu feels with Emma Raducanu after her back injury - it's not easy

Earlier this month, Emma Raducanu opened up about how back pain hit her during the match against Ukraine’s Anhelina Kalinina at the Madrid Open.

Emma Raducanu. Courtesy: Reuters


  • Raducanu suffered from back pain during the game
  • Raducanu asked for a medical timeout in the first set
  • Andreescu said injuries are an integral part of the game

Bianca Andreescu, 21, was thinking of British tennis sensation Emma Raducanu after she retired during her Round of 64 match against the Canadian at the Italian Open. On Tuesday, May 10, Raducanu succumbed to her back injury while trailing 6-2, 2-1.

With the first set down 2-5, she requested a medical timeout. After coming back, she lost the last game when Andreescu held her for love. Despite the medical treatment, she felt unwell during the second set, after which she told her physio that she “can’t move”.

Andreescu, who will now face Spain’s Nuria Parrizas-Diaz on Wednesday 12 May, said recovering from injuries can take a toll on a player. While admitting that injuries are an integral part of the game, she stressed the importance of focusing on training and nutrition.


“I think you have to really experience it to really know what you need. But you play against the best players. You really have to have the right diet, the right game plan, like physically, mentally, emotionally, everything.” Andreescu was quoted as saying.

“It’s not easy being on tour. From January to the end of October, that’s a long time. You really have to plan your training properly, your competition, all of that. You also have to know that injuries are part of it. But the best thing you can do is try to prevent it. I think that’s some kind of advice I can give her,” she added.

Earlier this month, Raducanu told how she was struck by back pain during her match against Ukraine’s Anhelina Kalinina at the Madrid Open. The 19-year-old also spoke about her goals of playing at the upcoming French Open.