J.D. Martinez was forced to sit out the Los Angeles Dodgers’ series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Martinez was placed on the 10-day injury list Friday because of lower back tightness.

Martinez said that he felt the pain in his back when he ran out of the batter’s box at the end of the series against the Chicago Cubs. Martinez stayed in the game, and even managed a home run against Marcus Stroman.

Martinez regrets his decision to continue playing, despite the fact that he was successful.

“I probably shouldn’t have said anything, but didn’t.” Martinez said, “Honestly, I was being stupid, trying to be heroic, and tried to weather the storm.” “I should have said something sooner.” It would have saved me, but I’m afraid I’ve irritated the situation. Now I’m waiting for it to calm down.

Martinez said that he is now doing everything possible to avoid a setback in his recovery.

“I’m playing it smart and seeing what I can do. What hurts, what doesn’t,” Martinez said. “I’m doing my core exercises and trying to avoid as much discomfort as possible while the inflammation is dying down.”

Martinez said that if he had mentioned his back pain earlier, a trip on the IL might have been avoided, or at least the time spent there could have been reduced. This is the eighth time that Martinez has been on the IL because of his back.

The Dodgers hoped that Martinez wouldn’t be placed on the IL as it would have a negative impact on their lineup.

When can J.D. Martinez return?

Martinez’s time began technically on April 5th. This means he can return to work as early as May 5.

It is also when the Dodgers start a three-game set against the San Diego Padres in Petco Park.

Martinez has a batting average of.250/.309/.512, with nine doubles and two triples. He also has three home runs. Martinez has 14 RBIs in 23 games, 92 plate appearances.