A woman in New Kensington jumped out a second-floor window and injured her back in the process to escape a man she’d fought with, city police said.

New Kensington Police Department charged Jerome Michael Dussia Jr., 34, of Haser Drive with simple assault after the incident Thursday morning.

Police said Dussia and the woman both have multiple active arrest warrants and both have been taken into custody.

New Kensington police said they had confirmed that Dussia was wanted with arrest warrants from the Elk County sheriff and district attorney and DuBois police. According to court records, he was charged with drug offenses in St. Marys, Elk County and DuBois, Clearfield County.

New Kensington Police did not provide any information as to why the woman was wanted and did not bring charges against her in the incident.

Police went to Haser Drive around 11:30 am in response to a neighbor’s report that he heard bang and asked someone for help.

Police said the woman first told officers she was okay and declined to speak to them about her injured back. Police said she complained of severe back pain while incarcerated, the criminal complaint against Dussia said.

According to the ad, the woman told the police that she and Dussia had fought and that she had locked herself in a bedroom because she was afraid of him and he had previously abused her.

The complaint states that Dussia kicked the door and started pounding a hole in the door with a knife to get inside. Fearing him, the woman opened a window grille and jumped out.

The police said they found that the bedroom door was badly damaged and cracked.

The woman told police Dussia ran outside and dragged her back when police arrived along with maintenance at East Ken Manor, who had also been called to do a wellness check.

Police said that when Dussia finally got to the door, she was out of breath and was sweating profusely. Police said he told them he was fine and that he was only arguing with his girlfriend.

The police called paramedics to pick them up from their ward. From there the woman was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Dussia did not have a lawyer on the court records.

Dussia was charged before District Judge Frank Pallone Jr. and taken to Westmoreland County Prison after failing to leave $ 10,000 bail. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on August 19th.

Brian C. Rittmeyer is a contributor to Tribune Review. You can contact Brian at 724-226-4701, [email protected], or on Twitter.