NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2022/PRNewswire — DarioHealth Corp. (NASDAQ: DIO) (the “Company”) is a market leading player in the world’s electronic therapeutics (DTx) marketplace, has announced that it has published a brand new report in the journal of peer review Frontiers in Physiology today demonstrating the efficacy of the Company’s muscle-skeletal treatment, which employs biofeedback in real-time and behavior-training to ease back pain.

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Dario Move’s posture-training solution aids users in improving their posture using a wearable biofeedback device as well as real-time data feedback within the solution’s application. The device assists in training users by triggering a vibration while the wearer is slumping in a position to help develop awareness and the ability to adopt a proper posture.

The study used the data from 981 people who had that used Dario Move’s posture-training device for a minimum of eight weeks to study the connection between the time spent in training, the use of the device , as well as decreases in back level of pain. The study looked at the data collected by the users at the end of eight weeks exercise and discovered significant clinical effects:

  • Users reported an average 50% less the pain.

  • 60 percent of users experienced significant reduction in pain after just 4 weeks of biofeedback.

  • The majority of patients reported some relief from pain within 8 weeks.

  • The perception of posture quality is significantly related to the effects of weekly duration of exercise on level of pain.

“Addressing chronic pain through the practice of posture is believed to have positive effects on pain. However, now we have the ability to more clearly define the connection and the function that the sensor plays in. We are delighted to demonstrate our capability to utilize the real-time information from the sensor to promote healthier physical and musculoskeletal wellness through continuous training that is positively connected to the clinical outcomes” stated Yifat Hershcovitz PhD. Vice Director of Scientific and Clinical Relations at Dario.

“Dario’s demonstrated ability to alter behavior using real-time information can transform how people manage their health which is a field that holds great potential for helping people. We’re excited to share the latest findings and increase our understanding of how the latest technologies can play a crucial part in forming healthier habits and better health.” added Omar Manejwala, MD Director of Medical Affairs at Dario.

You can read the complete study here.

More About DarioHealth Corp.

DarioHealth Corp. (NASDAQ: DRIO) is an industry-leading Digital Therapeutics (DTx) company that is revolutionizing the way patients with chronic diseases manage their health by implementing the multi-chronic conditions platform designed by users. Our platform and its suite of solutions provide individualized and dynamic treatments powered by data analytics as well as one-on-one coaching to help with hypertension, diabetes as well as muscular skeletal pain, weight management and mental health.

Our platform for users provides ongoing and personalized health care, reversing the traditional approach of healthcare that is episodic. This approach allows patients to change their lifestyles holistically to sustainably change their behavior which results in remarkable user satisfaction as well as retention and outcomes. Doing the right thing is to do is easy to do.

Dario offers its highly evaluated solutions worldwide to health insurance companies and other payers, self-insured employers health care providers, as well as directly to the consumers. To learn more about DarioHealth and its digital health solutions, or for more information, visit

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