Nuna Pipa Lite in the test: A light car seat helps with back pain

Decades ago I decided to become an Olympic gymnast. But I was 5’10 “. While it was an amazing dream that would never come true, the persecution taught me a million things. It also resulted in a multitude of back surgeries between ages 14-22 and a chronic one Back problem affecting my daily life. When I was finishing my gymnastics career, my doctors urged me to stop exercising and they said one day I would like to be able to carry my children. What they should have said is that one day you will have your children want to carry in those awkward and insanely heavy pumpkin seats that all carry around in their arms.

Heavy car seats are a literal pain

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Heavy car seats coupled with the added weight of children can lead to great difficulties with chronic back pain.

Despite their warnings, I had four sons in seven years. Each of my children hit the scales at the 10 pound mark. Child seats range from 10 to 20 pounds, and even up to 30 pounds if they are convertible. That means many parents drag 20 pounds home from the hospital in their arms on a good day after giving birth, often after going through the most physically demanding and painful experience of their lives.

One brand in particular found this unacceptable, and me and my 16 million friends across the country who may feel sorry for chronic back pain are here for it. The Nuna Pipa Lite car seat pushes the boundaries for chronic pain sufferers and weighs just 5 pounds and weighs the back, making it one of the lightest car seats on the market.

The load leg improves the safety values

On the left, a person smiling as they take the car seat out of the car.  Right gray car seat on a white background.

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Nuna’s Pipa Lite car seat is light, but not safe

One of the reasons I love this car seat is that I can literally pick it up with a single finger (if the baby isn’t in it yet). This made it easier to get to the hospital between insane contractions and means that carrying it with a baby in it is a one-handed task.

My first reaction to hearing how light these car seats are during pregnancy was to question their safety. After all, where do they pick up 5 pounds from, and how will my precious new cargo fare in a wreck, I was worried. This is where the “load leg” comes into play. The load leg, a stabilizing bar that extends from the floor mat to the car seat, improved safety during crash protection in the test.

It’s full of bells and whistles

Left.  gray car seat.  Right black car seat with sun visor pulled down

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This super-light car seat features a removable memory foam headrest and a full UPF 50+ canopy to keep your baby safe on bright days.

There are other less important but lovable features that sealed the purchase of this lightweight seat, such as the trendy leather handlebars, the detachable headrest, and even the company’s focus on low-emission manufacturing. However, it will cost you five pounds less, especially if you are planning on buying a base for your partner’s or grandma’s car as well. The base on its own is around $ 160 and the seat is over $ 350. Not cheap for something your baby will only be using for a year.

A lighter seat gave me more independence

On the left a person walking on the street while pushing the stroller.  Right baby in the car seat.

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It is incredibly important that new mothers, especially in the first few weeks after giving birth, not struggle with hauling a heavy car seat.

This is the first baby I can put in a shopping cart or click on a stroller in a car seat, which is life changing. There was nothing worse than finally driving around the block trying to put a picky baby to sleep, only to find that I couldn’t pick him up on the seat to get him out of the car. And with paternity leave in our country, I could only rely on my partner a few days after the birth, even though my back had been through more trauma than usual and was creating new life.

Even for those who don’t have back problems, lifting after giving birth can be taboo. Carolyn Cokes, obstetrician and gynecologist with the Metropolitan OB-GYN group of Baltimore, says, “In general, for mothers who have had a caesarean section, someone else should lift the car seat for at least the first few weeks, or until cleared by their obstetrician – ideally they don’t carry anything heavier than their baby. For mothers who have had a vaginal delivery, it depends on what their pelvic floor is like. ”However, if a new parent has to carry their own car seat, a 5 pound car seat plus their 7-10 pound newborn is a lot better option than that 5 to 10 pounds of extra plastic.

If I am brave enough to have a baby in the future, I will not only continue to use the Nuna Pipa Lite because of its back-friendly effect, but also consider other products from the same company, as it clearly values ​​parents’ health and Comfort next to security.

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