presents a wide range of effective pain relief products

To further its belief that everyone deserves a pain-free life, Sleepain has created amazing products that build confidence and promote overall well-being.

The way the world is right now, it goes without saying that most people will experience pain. Statistics have shown that more than 80% of people experience an unfortunate accident at some point in their lives. For most people, back and neck pain are the most common problems that they cannot run away from. For example, back pain is the sixth most expensive disease in the world, affecting more than 540 million people. The inability to effectively manage this pain has prevented many people from living a better quality of life. That’s why steps in to help. is a health and wellness company passionate about developing the most effective solutions and tools to promote back health, posture correction, pain relief and prevention. Its products are the result of tireless research with the sole aim of ensuring a pain-free life for everyone.

Some of the advanced gear Sleepain has developed includes:

– NeckStretcher™ – a cervical traction device to eliminate neck pain
– Lumbar Hero™ – an orthopedic back stretcher
– NeckCervical™ – an intelligent neck massager
– NeckReleaserPro™ – a safe and effective traction device for the cervical spine
– FasciaBlade™ – a myofascial massage device

In addition to pillows that eliminate snoring while you sleep, there are even remedies for leg pain. Sleepain also goes further and incorporates some yoga exercises that have been shown to help with back pain. All products are ergonomically designed to provide the greatest possible pain relief while helping with postural alignment.

Serene Lee, a satisfied customer says, “I have serious c1 and c2 issues. I saw an upper cervical chiropractor with some relief. However, Sleepain’s product has helped me more than the chiropractor! It’s comfortable and the relief I feel is unlike anything I’ve tried before.”

Since its inception, has been featured in various reputable publications including Forbes, CNN, Women’sHealth, GQ, Reader’s Digest, and many others.

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