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According to the latest research, 20% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. 8% of Americans suffer from debilitating pain that causes them to lose their job. Chronic pain can come in many forms. Some people report migraines and terrible headaches. Others complain of joint and back pain. It is estimated that 80% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. 1 in 4 cancer survivors struggle with chronic pain problems.

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These figures paint a very bleak picture. Anyone reading this article likely knows someone who struggles with chronic pain. Chronic pain medications are prohibitively expensive and hopelessly addictive. Prescription drugs can cost up to $1,000, often more. Health insurance does not always cover all costs. This is especially true for cancer survivors. The cost of cancer treatment alone is high.

Henry Muller from New Jersey may have good alternative medicine. He calls his product Spinal Force.

Overview of spinal strength

Muller claims to have developed the Spinal Force formula with his colleague Dr. to have developed Zhou. dr Zhou is familiar with Chinese herbal remedies. Muller’s mother reportedly suffered from chronic back pain. This spurred Muller and Dr. Zhou to action. They examined various causes and theories behind chronic pain. They combined their research with the expertise of Dr. zhouo This resulted in a completely natural and organic recipe. Mueller’s mother used it for a few weeks and reported great improvements.

This personal experience convinced Muller and Dr. Zhou to help other patients. They identified reliable suppliers inside and outside the United States. They ensured that the raw materials came from sustainable organic farms and sources. Once they identified reliable suppliers, they looked for a good manufacturing unit. They chose an American manufacturing unit that is FDA approved. The unit strictly adheres to the latest cGMP standards. This ensures that the product is always of high quality.

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Spinal Force ingredients

Chronic pain is a very complicated condition. The research is not yet final. The most commonly used drugs include opioids such as oxycodone or morphine. These drugs can often show promising results initially. But quite often the effect soon wears off. The addictive potential of opioids is well known. Aside from being potentially addictive, these drugs don’t come cheap. Treating chronic pain can cost upwards of $1,000.

Muller and Dr. Zhou have identified a natural and organic prescription for pain management. They believe this formula can help treat pain safely without the risk of addiction. Here is a summary of some ingredients:

  • Yellow Corydalis: This is the main ingredient of the recipe. The Yellow Corydalis plant is native to Europe but can now be found worldwide. Chinese herbalists use this plant and its extracts to treat inflammation. dr Zhou’s expertise in Chinese herbalism suggests that this plant is quite potent.
  • marshmallow root: Marshmallow is a plant found throughout Europe and Asia. Spinal Force contains the powdered root of the marshmallow plant. It is reported to help fight inflammation. It can have a soothing effect on mucous membranes and ulcers.
  • prickly pear: It is a fruit of a kind of cactus. It is recognized as a beneficial medicinal herb in Chinese herbal medicine. It is believed to have useful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Golden poppy: This plant is also called California poppy. There is evidence that it helps treat nerve pain. It can also be a source of energy and combat lethargy. This can help control the pain and get some exercise or exercise.
  • passion vines: This plant is also known as passion flower. It may be useful positive effects for muscle pain and other issues. It is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties.

These aren’t the only ingredients used in Spinal Force. Spinal Force uses all-natural and non-GMO ingredients. The idea behind these and other natural extracts is simple. Chronic pain is a multifaceted issue. Research on how chronic pain affects the body is ongoing. This means that a holistic approach that offers multiple benefits may be better.

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How spinal strength works

Spinal Force contains various ingredients that work together to provide benefits. Chronic pain causes many problems. People report pain in limbs and joints. Some people suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders due to constant pain. The constant pain and discomfort can cause stress and anxiety.

Muller and Dr. Zhou believe that neuroinflammation is the underlying cause of chronic pain. Neuroinflammation is a reaction in the brain or spine due to an overactive immune system. Patients suffering from neuroinflammation often have chronic back or joint pain. This pain can last for more than four months at a time.

The natural blend of ingredients in Spinal Force works on all symptoms of chronic back pain. It contains antioxidants that help maintain a healthy internal system. It can relieve pain. It has various substances that help manage stress and anxiety. It can also reportedly help people achieve a better sleep schedule.

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How to take spinal strength

The official website recommends taking one capsule per day. Users can take it anytime in the morning or before lunch. Spinal Force uses a powerful blend of ingredients. Users should consult their doctor before using Spinal Force.

Users should monitor the effects of Spinal Force on their bodies. It was designed to relieve pain. However, if users experience an increase in pain or other problems, they should consult their doctor.

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Spinal Strength Benefits

Spinal Force contains a special proprietary blend of natural ingredients. This recipe is designed to help people manage their longstanding chronic pain problems.

Some general benefits can be:

dealing with inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to any threat within it. When the body senses a foreign threat, it sends out an immune response. The immune cells, designed to fight off foreign bodies, can inadvertently damage their own cells. This causes inflammation and pain.

The special ingredients used in Spinal Force have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. These ingredients enter the body and help it heal inflammatory damage. They can relieve the pain and support the healing process.

pain relief

Pain relief is the number one goal for the team behind Spinal Force. Muller and Dr. Zhou claim that their special recipe can help relieve long-lasting pain. People who suffer from chronic pain often lead broken lives. Spinal Force can provide holistic pain relief.

spinal strength Claims to address the root cause of pain – neuroinflammation. But it doesn’t stop there. It contains natural substances for a holistic treatment. It helps people manage their stress levels and sleep better. It also helps soothe tense muscles. This can help people exercise better and get fitter.

Not addicted

The main downside to current pain management methods is addiction. Opioids and other chemicals used to treat pain often show good initial results. But soon the body begins to build tolerance and becomes addicted. People need bigger doses and this causes more problems.

Spinal Force does not contain any addictive or addictive substances. It is 100% natural and safe to use.

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What about the side effects?

Spinal Force is made from 100% organic and non-GMO ingredients. This natural formula makes it safe for human consumption. The official website claims no known side effects.

Spinal Force is made from some powerful ingredients. Particularly potent types of herbs and plants are used to produce Spinal Force. Despite this, it cannot provide instant results. Users can expect results after a few weeks or months of regular use. Do not increase dosage without medical advice.

Spinal Force is not intended for use by children under the age of 18. It may not be suitable for pregnant women or nursing mothers. People receiving active treatment for chronic problems should consult their doctor before use. People with known allergies should seek medical advice.

Purchase and Pricing Options

Spinal Force is a proprietary product. It is only sold on the official webWebsite and nowhere else. There are no licensed resellers – neither online nor offline. Buying on the official website guarantees customers the authenticity of the product.

Here are the pricing options:

  • One bottle (for a month’s supply) for $69 plus shipping.
  • Three bottles (for three months’ supply) for $177 – free shipping.
  • Six bottles (supply for six months) for $294 – free shipping.

refund policy

Muller and Dr. Zhou are absolutely confident in the quality and effectiveness of their product. So much so that they support Spinal Force with a no-questions-asked refund policy. Unsatisfied customers can contact [email protected] and arrange a refund. There is a 60 day refund window. See the official refund policy for more details.

Closing word: spinal strength

There are tens of millions in the world who struggle with chronic pain. The most common patient groups are the elderly and cancer survivors. This is a global pandemic with almost no end in sight. Americans spend $1,000 per person each year to manage their pain conditions. This places a huge financial burden on people. Common treatments include prescription opioids and other medications. These treatments often provide little relief and cause addiction.

Spinal Force is a completely natural and organic formulation. Henry Muller and Dr. Zhou developed it to help patients struggling with pain. It contains some potent strains of herbs and medicinal plants. It has been used by many customers reporting positive results. It is attractively priced. It also comes with a 100% refund guarantee.