SQlab continues to improve the side-to-side tunable Active rocking flex of their new Comfort Active 2.1 saddles which allow on-the-fly adjustments to decrease back discomfort while riding. It was designed specifically for cyclists who have moderately bent forward to upright riding positions The new ergonomic saddles enable urban and trekking riders to shift into more comfortable riding when they require the most.

SQlab Comfort Active 2.1 flexing ergonomic saddles

C. SQlab

The same ergonomic principle is carried throughout every single one of SQlab’s horizontally rocking Active saddles. Elastomers located in the back of the saddle permit controlled side-to side movement when hips rise and fall as you pedal which allows for more natural, walking-like movement of the pelvis and thighs while still retaining the efficiency of pedaling and stability on the bike.

Created in collaboration with developed with Dr. Markus Knoringer – a specialist in neurosurgery and intervertebral disc and spine surgery, as well as general sports medicine, the Active system permits control of the “pelvic motion” and consequently ” minimizes the risk of discomfort in the lower lumbar spine as well as the pelvis and the hip. It also results in specific relief of intervertebral discs as well as facet joints.”

What’s new?

With Comfort Active 2.1, SQlab introduces a new , rotating lever between the shell as well as rails that allow riders of comfort and city or trekking saddles to effortlessly switch between the standard-active setting of their prior Comfort Active saddles, and the new High-active level which allows for more side-to side movement.

The concept is that riders could prefer the default setting for normal riding or for shorter rides. However, if they suffer from back discomfort or have to sit for longer than normal on their saddles, they may turn the switch to improve the comfort.

SQlab Comfort Active 2.1 – Pricing, options , and availability

At the moment, this instantaneously adaptable SQlab Comfort Active 2.1 tech will be restricted to only two of their saddles 602 and 621. Both are padded and thickly cushioned saddles which lean toward a more upright sitting position than many cycling enthusiasts utilize. specifically designed for cycling and trekking (respectively) These saddles have two types of padding: double-stepped Ergolux for more extended riding, or more padded M-D for the best pressure relief.

602 Ergolux, 602 M-D, 621 Ergolux, 621 M-D (l-r)

The smaller SQlab 602 Active 2.1 saddle will be available in 14,15, 16 and 17cm widths beginning next week. It will cost 130 euros and comes with Ergolux and MD padding.

The more spacious and padded SQlab 621 Active 2.1 saddle will be offered in widths of 18,21 and 24, respectively, beginning the first day of march 2023 at 120 euros, with either Ergolux and MD padding.

SQlab’s sport saddles with performance levels already received an Active 2.1 upgrade in 2022. However, for the sake of smaller weights, less padding and shorter stacks heights the saddles have user-swappable elastics to set your preferred side-to-side flex prior to the beginning of your ride.