Bastrop chiropractor Amanda Gibson says she is seeing more patients with low back pain because the pandemic has made them less active.

Since many adults are still working from home and some children are still studying remotely,aThe local chiropractor said one of the overlooked effects of the pandemic is that so many people develop back pain from sitting still for so long.

Amanda Gibson of the Airrosti Clinic for Pain Management in Bastrop said that most of her patients come to her with lower back pain – and that most of the time it is due to poor posture.

“It seems like more people are coming because they have become less active due to COVID,” said Gibson, a Smithville resident who specializes in bone and joint injuries.

She said that for some people, working from home meant setting up from the living room couch or kitchen table. Adults and students no longer had to get up as early as they used to. They didn’t have to walk down the street to get to work or school or climb stairs. The students had no playgrounds to run around or play sports for almost a year. They didn’t even have to put on shoes to attend class.

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“You sit at the dining table at home, move less and sag,” says Gibson, who has been with Airrosti since 2013. “You are not physically fit.”

After a year of spending most of the day at home, it’s never been more important for people to consciously incorporate exercise into their daily lives, Gibson said.

“My suggestion to someone is that they move a lot more, do a different move every hour,” she said. “Get up, straighten your hips, straighten your arms over your head, turn your head left and right; do a few squats. These are things that people can do to help themselves stay more conscious and in tune with their bodies. “

She also advises people who work from home to set a timer to alternate between sitting and standing so that they get on and off more often.

Gibson said that 52% of their patients are being treated for low back pain, and of those patients, about a third are acute situations, meaning the person had an accident that caused the pain.

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Accidents can range from serious falls to incorrect stooping.

“They could be stuck in very high levels of pain where they can’t stand up straight or sit down or lie down comfortably,” she said.

Correct posture, Gibson said, “is to keep your chest and hips open. … If you want to get up, squeeze your bum, it’s very easy. And when you sit or stand in your chair, pull your shoulders back. The reason you would do this is to keep breathing so you can oxygenate all of these areas. “

The patients who come to Gibson for back pain range from people in their twenties to the elderly, and she emphasized the importance of treating back pain as soon as it hurts.

Amanda Gibson

“Better to come for treatment if after a few weeks your pain is like ‘Oh, I have back pain that won’t go away’ rather than ‘Oh no, now I have terrible back pain. I can’t get up, I can’t work, and I can’t sleep, ‘”she said. “Don’t wait for it to get acute because it’s easier to treat when you can function. You can save money and time. ”

Airrosti offers telemedicine services and appointments can be made through its website

Patients’ back pain is resolved in Airrosti after an average of 3.3 visits, Gibson said, which takes about two weeks. The clinic was able to resolve 89% of patients’ lower back pain.

“If you are not well, what are you?” said Gibson. “When your back feels good and your body feels good, then you are a much more productive member of society. And if you do not feel well and have back pain or other injuries, then that really takes up a lot of energy and reduces your quality of life. So if you move around well and move around frequently and work on yourself, you will stay better for a lifetime. “