Tahira Kashyap's “shoulder training / dance / stretch” is the best fitness inspo today  health

Bollywood filmmaker Tahira Kashyap threw heavy fitness equipment overboard this Sunday to enable simple but effective workouts at home when she gave fans a taste of her “shoulder workout / dance / stretch” for not just that Increase flexibility but also improve posture, reduce stress and body aches. Tahira added “some idiots” to her “shoulder workout / dance / stretch” while training in a face mask to Badshah’s Awaara song and provided the perfect upbeat and groovy energy we needed to get the grind off this Sunday to meet.

Tahira took to her social media page and shared a video straight from the gym that gave fans a glimpse into her fun workout routine, and we’re committed to burning some calories in a similarly enthusiastic manner. The video showed the diva wearing a casual, onion pink, crew neck t-shirt, white sweatpants, and her luscious red hair tied back in a side ponytail.

To outfit her athleisure look with a smartwatch, glasses, and the fashion accessory of the year – a white face mask – Tahira sat on an exercise machine, turned up the volume on the Punjabi track, and did some stretching and dance moves while nailing her shoulders to the beats along the way. She shared in the caption: “The shoulder workout / dancing / stretching while making sure no one is watching and becoming aware of it, losing beats, then relieving me by adding a few idiots, still hoping no one sees and then post for the world … such a hypocritical #workout #losingmyplotbutnotmymask #reels (sic). “

Benefits of simple stretching:

In addition to increasing flexibility, improving posture, and reducing stress and body aches, regular stretching can help increase range of motion and give you more freedom of movement. It can help improve the practitioner’s performance at a sports event by preparing their muscles for the activity.

Regular stretching increases blood flow to the muscles, which in turn shortens the recovery time from an injury, reduces muscle soreness, prevents future back pain by strengthening the back muscles, and reduces the risk of muscle strain. It’s great for relieving stress and can calm the mind by helping to reduce the tension felt from headaches.

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