Jeremy Ethier explains more about the most harmful stretches for lower back pain , and suggests what you can substitute for them.

The worst stretch for lower Back Pain

“One of the first options those suffering from back pain are lower back stretching to alleviate their back pain. However that many of the stretch exercises to relieve back pain are temporary solutions that result in damage rather than benefit and do not reflect the things people ought to be doing.”

“A stretch designed to ease lower back discomfort, such as the toes touching (and other similar stretch) triggers what’s known as a stretch reflex. It provides you with about 15 hours of pain relief. The problem is that it creates the illusion that these stretches are well and provide the only remedy for pain relief, but they’re actually creating discomfort within the back. back. The trick is to break the cycle. This is what I’ll demonstrate with this tutorial. I’ll show you how you can relieve lower back pain for all using just four moves.”

The most harmful stretch for low Back Pain

“Based on the research of world-renowned back research scientist”Based on the findings of renowned back pain researcher Dr. Stuart McGill and his lab the cat camel workout is the most relaxing way to integrate some movement in the spine without causing any discomfort.”

“For these exercises, get on your feet and gradually move back and forth on downward spinal curve, with your head in the direction of the eyes of a cat. Then, move to the rounded spine as the head is looking down as if it were an animal like a camel. Each session should take three to four minutes. 7 to 8 cycles is sufficient. Now, we’re ready to start the exercises to mobilize other areas of the body, which could contribute to the pain within back pain. back.”

The worst stretch for lower Back Pain

“The first exercise will focus on one of our hip flexor muscles, which is the psoas. It’s a specific stretch to ease lower back discomfort which helps specifically stretch the muscle. To do it, step in a lunge position, keeping one leg in front , and elevate your arm to the side before descending to the lunge.”

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“Then you can move your torso towards the opposite side of your back leg. Then, lower the shoulder back to further focus and stretch your muscles of the psoas. There should be a noticeable stretch in the psoas just in front of the hips that is on the back leg. Keep this position for a few seconds , then step forward , switching between your front leg with the elevated arm. Repeat the process. The aim is to complete six strides in a row at the same time.”

The most harmful stretch for low Back Pain

“Next next, we’ll begin a workout that can help us move and loosen the hips and strengthen the hip muscles. This is essential in learning how to ease lower back discomfort. To increase this, we’ll utilize the hip airplanes. For theseexercises, you should assume the single leg position in which you brace your core and hold the floor using your feet planted. Place both hands over your hips, and turn your torso to the side over your leg that is planted while you kick the back leg behind. Make sure to keep your back leg straight and the knee of your planted leg in an almost bent in a slightly bent position. Then, move your hips towards your leg that you have planted (hip Internal Rotation) before moving it away from the knees (hip external rotation). Try to complete three sets of three repetitions in this exercise.”

The most harmful stretch for low Back Pain

“The final of the back stretch will aid in the maintenance and maintenance of your back. To begin, hold your arms up overhead and count until you reach 10. After that, move your arms higher and further back to count another 10. When you are in this position, take a deep breathe and then move towards an upright, stress-free standing position. By breaking it up every 20-30 minutes of continuous sitting using this exercise and you’ll be able to avoid a load of stress in your lower back.”

“So to sum up Here are the stretches to help back discomfort that you must do:”

  • Cat Camel Cat Camel: 7-8 cycles
  • Psoas Stretch: 6 strides
  • Hip Airplanes 3-sets of 3 repetitions per side
  • Stretch the spine after sitting for long periods

“Ideally you’ll want to perform these every day, or perhaps several times per daily. However, be aware that back discomfort is specific to your specific situation as there isn’t any universal solution for all people.”

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