The selfBACK app developed by the Norwegian University of Science can relieve back pain

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The selfBACK app can be the solution for your back pain. The app is designed to help you learn more about your condition, and it also offers helpful tips that can relieve the pain.

selfBACK app for back pain relief

Back problems are one of the most common causes of sick leave. Every year one in 15 adults see a physiotherapist for severe lower back pain. Back pain is also one of the causes of disability all over the world.

Many people hesitate to exercise when they experience back pain. They believe it can do more harm than good, but decreasing the level of activity usually lengthens or worsens the condition.

Paul Jarle Mork, professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, said exercise and lifestyle changes could help reduce back pain.

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If you understand the causes of back pain, you can cope better with it, according to European scientists.

Self-management can be difficult to implement without any support or help. For this reason, Mork and Kerstin Bach, associate professor at the Norwegian University of Sciences, developed the selfBACK app.

The app will help more people deal with the back pain they experience every day, according to UPI.

Tailored to your back problems

Hundreds of health apps are already available, but the selfBACK app is different because it is based on scientific evidence backed by extensive research.

The selfBACK app is available for both iOS and Android phones. Once you open the app, it will explain what back pain is and it will tailor advice on actions you can take to manage your back pain, including exercise, yoga, and other physical activities.

Each week the app will give you a bespoke plan to follow.

The app uses artificial intelligence and uses other users’ recorded responses about their back pain to generate advice for you.

Before you can start the app, you need to answer a few personal questions. It asks you about your seating position, your lifestyle and your back problems.

The app compares your answers with those of other users and their results using the app.

The researchers conducted a controlled study of 461 patients with back pain to evaluate the app’s effects. Half of the participants received the standard back treatment from their respective health care provider. The other half received standard treatment and used the app.

The participants reported on their progress quarterly. After the first three months of using the app, 52% of the app participants said they felt better.

This means that the chances of a significant improvement were higher for those using the selfBACK app.

The work on creating and developing the app took five years, according to Mork. Using the app as an alternative to regular treatment has shown positive results for those looking to relieve their back pain.

Due to the success of the app, the EU has supported it with 5 million euros or 6 million US dollars. The trial version of the app was published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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