The state-of-the-art QC Kinetix (Midtown) Little Rock offers regenerative medicine in Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR: QC Kinetix (Midtown) uses clinically proven natural and biological therapies to provide long-lasting relief from chronic pain. As a leader in advanced regenerative medicine, the clinic is well positioned to serve Little Rock, AR and the surrounding areas. Their treatment regimens include back pain treatment, joint pain treatment, knee pain treatment, elbow pain treatment, shoulder pain treatment, and hip pain treatment. Treating knee pain goes deeper into unraveling the true cause of a fracture, damaged tendon, torn ligament, sprain, worn cartilage or dislocating kneecap. Before starting treatment, patients can request a free consultation from the QC Kinetix (Midtown) medical team.

QC Kinetix (Midtown) is pleased to turn the tide on chronic pain, a condition that affects millions of American adults. Her treatment modalities include the use of light therapy to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow. In addition, the application of heat effects helps reduce the level of discomfort, limit the use of or dependence on harsh medications, and minimize recovery time.

When patients first visit QC Kinetix (Midtown), the medical team will review their medical records and discuss prognosis. The team will then determine if the patient’s situation is responsive to regenerative therapy. After approval, an individual treatment plan is drawn up. In addition to relieving pain and reducing inflammation, QC Kinetix (Midtown) regenerative therapies are effective in repairing regenerated tissue.

Before seeking treatment, some of the serious chronic symptoms to watch out for include limited joint movement, persistent weakness, muscle pain, and noisy joints. Restricted joint movements can have serious consequences, such as: B. the inability to perform or complete daily tasks. A noisy joint, on the other hand, is often characterized by cracking, clicking, or cracking of the joints. The condition may appear harmless at first but can lead to a dislocation if it persists. Experienced medical professionals at QC Kinetix’s Regenerative Medicine Clinic (Midtown) in Little Rock have helped many patients with chronic pain, which has helped improve their quality of life.

The impeccable safety record of regenerative therapies is well documented when applied locally for musculoskeletal injections around the soft tissue and joint areas. Patients undergoing treatment can expect full results six to nine months after administration of the first protocol. The clinic’s website features several video testimonials from patients who have successfully undergone treatment. The testimonials come from patients suffering from back, shoulder, leg, ankle and elbow pain.

If you have an opportunity to speak with the Regenerative Medicine Treatment Providers at QC Kinetix (Midtown), call (501) 222-8440 or visit the clinic at 500 S University Ave, Suite 207, Little Rock, AR, 72205. Chat service is also available for quick response. The facility is aimed at both chronic pain patients and athletes.

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