Let me begin by saying that I’ll talk about an instrument that can improve your health, but this post isn’t medical advice. Consult a physician prior to using any device that is intended to treat a health issue since every patient’s situation is different.

With that in mind…

My wife and I aren’t quite as young as we were. The significance of this the adage grows with each new month. And it is apparent. Each time I set out for a long walk my muscles need constant attention to repair. My wife is a tireless worker in our backyard to create an ever-changing work of art. Sometimes she gets carried away and her back is a constant reminder of how fragile our human body can be.

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To achieve that to achieve that goal, we do everything that we can to prevent injuries from occurring or to treat them, without relying on painkillers. I often do stretching exercises, apply ice and I will take hot tubs when I need. We also use an affordable device that has helped us save from the expense of physician or chiropractor visits.

This device is called it’s the Auvon Double Channel TENS unit. It retails for 40 dollars (with occasional sales) occasionally a sale) It has worked amazing things for my wife and I. In actuality the wife’s chiropractor who recommended we purchase the device (he had the same device in a visit to the office). The unit has been in our possession for three years and has been able to pay its dues time and time again.

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The specifications of the device read like this:

  • Dimensions 4.12 inches x 2.24 4.12 x 2.24 0.43 inches
  • Battery: Rechargeable internal Li-Ion battery (using the micro USB cable).
  • Modes up to 20 different modes such as hammering and the kneading process, shiatsu and many more.
  • Independent Mode Control: It is possible to are able to select different modes and intensities for channel A and B.
  • TENS Pads: Included are 2″ 2″ and 2″x 4″ pads (you may purchase additional pads).

The battery of this device lasts for a long period of time. Even though we don’t use the device every day, its charge usually lasts for several weeks.

Utilizing the TENS unit

Utilizing this TENS device is much simpler than it appears. The user simply removes a pair sticky pads out of the pouch and apply them directly on the skin in areas where there are problems and then plug them into the device (via the cable included) and select the channel you’ve connected in the pads, alter the strength and time and feel the difference. Here’s a video to give you a reference.

There are some important warnings to be aware of. The first is that pad placement is vital. There are certain areas where you should not place pads (there are instructions on this within the instruction manual). If in doubt, look up online for the TENS unit pad location to determine the problem area.

In addition, it creates an electrical current of low intensity to your muscles, which causes them to spasm. The unit has been used on my calf, which has prevented me from walking when using it. Due to this, it’s not recommended to utilize the unit if you have to move or exercise the muscular (or the muscle groups) the unit is focusing on. While using it, you’ll realize that certain modes are more effective with specific muscles or problems. It is important to learn more about the various modes in the manual to understand what they are and the effects they produce.

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In addition, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to take care when using the use of a TENS device. It is best to first seek advice from an expert (doctor or physical therapist chiropractor) before using this device. If used properly the unit will do miracles for sore or locked-up muscles. Our wife’s back is a great testimony to the effectiveness of this unit. But, if it is used incorrectly the TENS device can be harmful.

Another tip is to always put the pads on their plastic film, and then return them in their plastic pouch after you’ve finished. If you let the pads in the pouch the adhesive will begin to dry and they will become ineffective. I’ve used these pads for several years before they needed to be replaced.

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When you employ this device with care you’ll see it can provide a significant relief to muscles that are sore. In a few instances my spouse has been thrown her back and this device has saved her from making yet another visit for a chiropractor. For me, it helps me recover from training for marathons significantly quicker.

Once again, I want to remind that you make use of Auvon TENS Auvon TENS device with attention to. When used properly, it can provide great relief. If you use it incorrectly you may end up being taken to the ambulance (rare and the worst-case scenario). Through the years of using this device, I’ve never encountered any issues. If you decide to purchase one, be sure to read the instructions attentively and stay away from the recommended use.