A sore lower back may seem inevitable for those of us who spend our days in uncomfortable chairs and leaning on laptops, while working at home. This does not have to be the situation.

A strong core can help you combat back pain by supporting your torso, improving your posture and aligning your spine. It can also reduce the strain on your lower back while lifting heavy objects, reducing your risk of injury.

Foam roller

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Activate and strengthen your midsection muscle.

The routine was created by Stef William (opens a new tab) a personal trainer, and founder of WeGlow .

Try performing each move 10 times as a circuit. Repeat this circuit three times to get a quick but effective (opens a new tab) session.

Watch Williams demonstrate these four moves, then incorporate them into your weekly plan to combat back pain.

Watch Stef Williams’ four move foam roller core strengthening routine

The only exercise in this routine that doesn’t require foam rollers is the pelvic tilt. Williams’ video demonstration may seem minimal, but it’s important to get the movement right.

Inhale and pull your rib cage towards you to perform a pelvic tip. Your lower back should naturally form an arch that extends from it to the floor. Hold this position for a moment, then exhale while pulling your belly button toward your spine. While doing this, tilt your hips upwards. This should cause your lower spine to lay flat on the floor.

You’ll need a foam roller underneath your hips to perform the remaining exercises. During each exercise, use your core muscles to control your legs’ motion.

There are many other ways to use your foam roller. Try these seven foam rolling exercises to relieve muscle pain ,. Or check out our article on the best moves to release aching musculatures.