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– AppliedVR is one of the most immersive therapies (ITx) pioneer in the development of the use of virtual reality as a new approach to medical treatment, today announced a partnership to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to offer its FDA-approved RelieVRx (formerly EaseVRx) solution to select Veterans who are suffering from the chronic pain of back pain. back discomfort (CLBP).

– AppliedVR was selected to be part of the VHA Innovation Ecosystem, a department of the VA which identifies, analyzes and disperses mission-driven innovation which improve the care provided to Veterans. Both organizations previously collaborated to develop VR-based solutions to help Veterans who are in the hospice (palliative healthcare) and enhance their quality of life for Veterans who suffer from common chronic pain and stress, and anxiety in various healthcare environments.

Helping Veterans Living with Chronic Back Pain

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) offers care to over 9 million Veterans which makes it the biggest integrated health system of its kind in the U.S., and more than 50% of Veterans receiving treatment at VHA centers across the nation suffer from chronic pain. AppliedVR along with VHA’s Innovation Ecosystem VHA Innovation Ecosystem share a common goal of transforming chronic pain management to our country’s Veterans through enabling access to non-pharmacological, alternatives to treatment that are not invasive like VR. (VR).

With this initiative healthcare providers in 18 VA centers will have the capability to recommend the RelieVRx program to Veterans to use at their home. RelieVRx is the only FDA-approved home-based immersive VR pain treatment that is approved for use as an alternative treatment option for CLBP. The eight-week program has been scientifically proven to reduce the severity of pain and interference with pain for those who suffer from CLBP. In a clinical trial that was recently conducted follow-up study RelieVRx was found to be effective. RelieVRx system was also shown to have lasting effects for six months following treatment.

“Chronic pain is difficult to treat. In the past, pharmacological interventions such as NSAIDS and opioids or even invasive procedures such surgeries or injections have not been able to alleviate the pain of too many patients, resulting in with a grim outlook. The current guidelines recommend integrated pain management as well as immersive therapeutics such as RelieVRx offer multi-dimensional therapy in an easy-to-use device. Our immersive therapies based on evidence can assist Veterans combat the chronic low back discomfort by addressing the psychosocial factors that cause the disease,” said Matthew Stoudt Co-Founder and CEO of AppliedVR. “Working in our colleagues in the VHA Innovation Ecosystem represents one of the most prestigious honors we can bestow to our business, since U.S. Veterans are heroes and

They are entitled to the top health care that incorporates the most modern technology-driven solutions.”