Tiger Woods dec 2021

Nobody knows, that’s the problem. With the Masters fast approaching, the coveted golf tournament, which will air April 7, may be missing one of the sport’s biggest names: Tiger Woods.

Since Tiger’s career-ending car accident last February, speculation has swirled about his return to golf. After the accident, many thought the 15-time Major winner (five of those Masters wins) would never play golf again. But with the 46-year-old’s participation in the 2021 PNC Championship, Woods proved once and for all why he is considered the greatest of all time.

When Tiger returns to the world stage after his gruesome deathblow, it will inevitably be one of the most inspiring comebacks in the history of the sport – especially at one of golf’s major tournaments. But will anyone be surprised?

Exceeding expectations is what Tiger Woods does best. The man is a competitor to the last, even against himself. Throughout his illustrious career, Woods has fought tooth and nail against opponents, injuries, personal disputes and public opinion. Each time, he faced every challenge that lay before him with a determined ferocity most people only dream of.

If his latest grievances aren’t enough, here’s a list of every injury Tiger Woods has sustained over the years. First it was tumors and scar tissue in his left knee. Then a cruciate ligament tear at the British Open. This is followed by a series of surgeries, Achilles tendon injuries and longstanding back problems – and it’s a wonder he can walk, let alone play golf.

Before his legendary Masters win in 2019, Woods had the biggest intervention of his career. A spinal fusion to ease his back pain, which is no walk in the park. Since his car accident, he has had multiple surgeries on his right leg and foot to reconstruct a leg that some say he could have lost. Tiger Woods is a machine.

Still, there’s no official word from the superstar just yet, and the golf community is waiting with bated breath to see what Tiger’s decision will be. ESPN reported late last month that Tiger had played an 18-hole practice round at Augusta National Golf Club (home of the Masters), and if the rumors are true, that bodes very well for fans of the sport.

An announcement in the coming days seems inevitable. Only time will tell whether or not the “Big Cat” roars back onto the stage for another shot at the Master’s glory.