A woman who suffered for the night sweats for six months and back pain was told she was suffering from an aggressive cancer after a series of visits to the doctor.

Hannah Bird, 24, Also, she lost weight, was suffering from chronic coughing and rashes, and was suffering from back and chest discomfort.

Bird stated to the SWNS that she “went for a visit to the physician 3-4 times per every week” and was repeatedly rejected before finally being given an x-ray as well as a CT scan. The next day, she was told that she was diagnosed with cancer on the 1st of April 2022.

Hannah stated: “The tumour was in my left lung and was three-quarters my lung.

“We discovered that I was in stage four. I was so happy that they could figure out the reason for my condition.”

The initial diagnosis was that she had lung cancer. Then, they performed an examination and, three weeks later, the diagnosis was that she had diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, which is the most frequent form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Bird was accepted into an experimental trial in which she received immunotherapy along with an anti-chemo-invasive, non-invasive drug.

In contrast to chemotherapy, this medication is not as invasive and helps the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells.

The 24-year-old experienced night sweats and back pain for six months

She added: “At my halfway scan my tumor was shrinking by 80%.

“By Sept. 2022 when I was done with chemotherapy and all cancer had gone, which was not normal.

“I is the one one in the UK to have all their non-Hodgkin’s disease gone by chemotherapy on its own,” she told the news agency.

Bird is now cancer-free. However, she has advised people to seek out a second opinion if not satisfied with the doctor’s diagnosis.

She also advised others about cancer-related symptoms She advised those who are concerned about cancer symptoms: “Get a second opinion I had the same doctor each and every time. I’m sure I would have taken a different path, I would be diagnosed much earlier.

“I visited the doctor between three and four times per week. had no choice but to seek help.

“If you believe there is something wrong ask for a referral, or second opinion from a different doctor.”

Additional reports via SWNS.