Woman says doctor dismissed her pain when she had kidney stones

After a bad experience with an ER doctor worsened her kidney infection, a TikToker took to the platform to share her experiences and encourage viewers to speak up for themselves.

“There are many issues with the healthcare system in this country, but especially when it comes to dismissing women’s pain,” says user @stayathome_v in her video. “Over the weekend I had really bad back pain, especially on my right side. At first I thought it might be a muscle strain but it felt deep. I sucked it up all weekend, had to take care of my kids, be a mom, all that good stuff, until Sunday night when I had chills and then sweated uncontrollably all night. I was like, ‘Something’s going on.’”

@stayathome_v I’m sure if it were a man he would have been taken seriously right away 🙃 #storytime #rant #medical #hospital ♬ Original sound – Vianca

The next morning, she says, she went to an emergency clinic, where the Creator was told that she had some kind of infection and that something was wrong with her kidneys, but that the clinic was not equipped to treat her.

When @stayathome_v told her doctor in the ER that the ER had told her she had an infection and possibly kidney stones, he insisted the ER had no way of knowing if she had kidney stones because she didn’t have a CT -scan perform . As he examines her, he doubts when she says she has lower back pain, the TikToker says.

“He also made me feel like I was exaggerating or dramatic about my symptoms,” she continues. “He just questioned everything I was feeling.”

When she is finally taken to an exam room, she said a CAT scan, blood work and urine tests showed she did indeed have an infection and kidney stones. At that point she said she was ready to be admitted as urgent care told her she would likely need to be hospitalized to ensure the infection was under control. However, when her ER doctor returned, he said the results looked like she had a urinary tract infection, a UTI.

When she was sent home, @stayathome_v started sweating, shaking and had a fever of 103 degrees Fahrenheit. She was taken to another emergency room, where she was told she had a “very advanced infection.”

“I have to go to the hospital right away,” she says. “I have multiple kidney stones in both of my kidneys, currently one in my bladder. I was in danger of getting sepsis.”

After returning home from her hospitalization of at least four days, she filed a complaint at the first emergency room against the doctor, who told her she had a urinary tract infection and was told an examination would be carried out.

Some commenters shared similar experiences of having their pain minimized or ignored entirely by healthcare professionals.

“A male doctor refused me epinephrine and ordered a psychiatric evaluation until he received a call from the medical director who sent me,” wrote one commenter.

“I was told by a male doctor that I was constipated,” wrote another commenter. “I miscarried, but my body hadn’t started it yet. Waited two weeks and went to another hospital.”

“This!! I was in a ton of pain and they told me twice in our ER that I was fine,” one commenter wrote. “I went to the next town, had 21 gallstones and had surgery straight away.”

The Daily Dot contacted @stayathome_v via Instagram direct message regarding the videos.

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*Initial publication: June 4, 2022 at 2:08 pm CDT

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